1101 Angel Number And Its Meaning

Check out all the secrets that this powerful number holds…

Nobody is perfect, and we all have flaws and things we would like to change about ourselves. Getting hung up on these things can make you feel like a failure, but it’s not the right mindset to go about it.

If you have given up on yourself and feel that it’s too late for you, the message of angel number 1101 is one of encouragement for you. It’s a sign your angels see your great potential and that they have not given up on you.

Not only this, but it’s a blessing that will give you the wisdom and strength you need to do the necessary work on yourself, so please allow me to show you the full message of this encouraging angel number.

Your Angels Are Sending You A Message With 1101

When things are going very badly in life, it can be easy to give up, not just on the world but also on yourself. At these times, the weaknesses and faults we have can seem like they completely define us.

It can also be the case that you can feel like things can never get better, and this is associated a lot with depression, anxiety and many mental illnesses.

While it hasn’t always been the case, angel number 1101 is a number that appears for many people when they’re at their lowest points. I have a strong memory of a client from years past who is a good example of this.

I’ll call her Trisha, but that wasn’t her real name. However, I think her experience with this number is a good message for anyone in a similar boat.

When I used to do consultations, Trisha would be a fairly regular client of mine, generally coming in for advice and guidance. She was normally a very happy person, but one day when she visited felt different.

I immediately sensed a strong, sad aura around her, and I could tell she was struggling. Everything had seemed to be going wrong in her life recently, and she was at her breaking point.

She had lost her job, been broken up with and had to move back with her parents, all within the span of weeks. Naturally, this resulted in her feeling depressed and worthless, and it broke my heart to see.

She couldn’t understand why this was all happening to her, and she blamed herself. However, she happened to mention that she had spotted 1101 twice that morning while moving some of her things to her parents’ house.

She mentioned it almost casually, but it caught my attention. I knew what this number tended to mean, and she could see the happiness on my face.

I told her that this was a sign from her angels that they loved her and that they saw such immense worth in her. Not only this, but it carried a blessing of finding love within herself and accepting her situation as something that was not her fault.

The consultation brought so much encouragement to her, and it gave her the strength she needed to keep moving forward and not hate herself for the things that had happened to her.

Thanks to this new attitude and her blessing, Trisha’s life would turn around, and things would be okay, just as her angels assured her.

Never Do This If You Keep Seeing 1101

If i had to summarize the message of angel number 1101, it would be:

You need to work on yourself a little.

When I’ve told people that before, they can get defensive. They take it as their angels criticising them, and while it’s a natural response, it’s not the intention of this message.

What this number means is that you’re harboring resentment or even hate toward yourself, and this is holding you back. In the case of someone like Trisha, she blamed herself for misfortunes that were out of her control.

Depression can also tell you lies about not being good enough and not having any worth to anybody. Your angels do not want that energy inside your heart, as they know it’s not true.

If these feelings have been clouding your heart and holding you back, then your angels might bring this blessing to your life. It’s a sign that you need to focus on yourself, specifically finding that love for who you are.

If you’re stuck in a rut and stuck in a cycle of blaming yourself for everything wrong in your life, this can hold you back from growing and moving forward.

However, it also means accepting that there may be things you need to work on. Anger issues, greed and selfishness can all be traits that bring harm to you and others.

1101 is not just about seeing the value in yourself, but also seeing what you need to work on. Try to take stock of the core of your being, as if you were making an inventory for a supermarket.

Try to list all of the good things about yourself, and allow yourself to appreciate and acknowledge these things. If you feel guided to do so, then you should also have the courage and honesty to accept the things you need to change as well.

This is a time for reflection and acceptance, and your angels want you to experience the peace that this entails. Don’t take it as an attack and don’t take it the wrong way.

This is not about saying you’re doing anything wrong, but it is an acknowledgment that we all need to work on ourselves every now and then. Doing so will bring the right energy into your life and help you to achieve the best version of yourself possible.

The Hidden Meaning Behind 1101 Angel Number

Something I have touched on but not gone into great detail on when it comes to angel number 1101 is what happens after you do this reflection. For this, I’d like to go back to Trisha’s story.

Because she was so bogged down in her sadness and self loathing, this energy was taking over her life. This energy can be like a disease or a dark cloud over your life, and this can be very harmful.

When you have the light of your angels clouded by these negative feelings, it can start to influence things around you. This could include how people react to you or the events that happen around you.

Having the right mindset and attitude is more important than you may think, and Trisha was seeing what a tangible effect it was having on her.

When she changed her aura and became more positive, that energy permeated other areas of her life. This freed up her angel’s blessing to be stronger over her life, and this had a domino effect.

I’m not saying that her life magically got better immediately, but her attitude change did help her to get to a better place. She would still feel sad and dark at times, but she always came back to the encouraging message of 1101.

The blessing was then free to take over her life, and gradually her life got back on track. Not only did things get brighter and happier, but she would eventually get to a point where she was better off than she had ever been.

If she had ignored the message and not done the work she needed to do on herself, she may have never left that dark time in her life.

Trisha realized that she needed to embrace her positives and love herself for all she was. She also had some traits she needed to work on that she had ignored prior to this message.

The blessing of 1101 had a huge effect on her life, and it can for you as well. Try to focus on yourself, both in loving yourself for who you are and accepting your flaws that negatively affect you or others.

Focus on these things and keep your hope alive, as your attitude can bring amazing changes for your life.

My Final Comments on 1101 Angel Number

If things have felt hard or dark for you lately, then seeing 1101 angel number should be a source of great encouragement for you. This is a good time to slow down, breathe and really look at yourself for who you are.

This means embracing the good and the bad, and sometimes that can be very hard to do. You can either focus too much on the bad things or ignore those in favor of propping up the good.

Try to find a good balance and see where there is work to be done. Doing so while keeping your heart positive will help you to get to the amazing place in your life your angels want for you, so never lose that hope and trust in yourself!

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