1155 Angel Number and Its Meaning

This number has powerful meaning over your life…

We have to use the skills and attributes that we have within us on a day to day basis in order to make the most of the potential in life.

You need to combine these attributes with opportunities and chances that appear in your life, and this can take a lot of wisdom and confidence.

Your angels have sent you angel number 1155 to help give you that wisdom and guidance to make the most of the tools around you.

With this blessing, you can find the wisdom you need from within and outside yourself.

This can lead to some incredible things, and I want to show you how it can take hold of your life, so let’s see how you can use this blessing to make your life more successful.

What NOT To Do If You Keep Seeing 1155

Doubt in oneself can be a crippling thing, and it’s something that I think we all suffer from at one point or another. When I worked in advertising, I remember I worked with a man who I’ll call Ray.

Ray was one of those people who seemingly has an endless supply of confidence. Whenever we would talk, he would brag about his accomplishments and say how great he was at his job.

One day at an office party, I had my first proper conversation with him after he had a few drinks, and I surmised that his over confidence was actually a cover for some pretty deep insecurities.

He spoke about the pressure his parents had put on him and how it made him feel inferior. It made me understand him a lot more and I felt sorry for him, because he wasn’t popular at the office.

This connection made me like him a lot more, because he was an authentic, honest version of himself.

After I spoke with and encouraged him, he dropped the act a bit and acted with more humility.

The point of this story is that we can have some unhealthy ways of dealing with feelings of inadequacy and doubt. Your angels want you to have faith in yourself and to believe in your abilities.

When you feel negative feelings such as doubt and worry in yourself, you need to try to focus on the positives you have within you instead of fixating on the things your brain is telling you.

Not only did Ray make himself initially unpopular but he also compromised his work because his constant posturing and need for praise made his work sloppy.

When you have doubt in yourself you may also prevent yourself from trying for something more, as you feel that you don’t deserve it or aren’t capable of achieving it.

One of the core aspects of angel number 1155 is that your angels want you to see yourself for what you are and to have faith, belief and confidence in yourself.

Your angels want to help you with this and to get you to a point where you can achieve your full potential by utilizing all of the attributes you have.

They see a lot of capability within you, and they want you to see what they see in your spirit every day.

Is 1155 Angel Number Unlucky?

As such a positive number for your life, you may think that angel number 1155 must be a lucky number. However, it’s not as simple as that, and I wouldn’t really say that it’s lucky.

Something lucky would be a force that randomly makes things better for you, and this is not what this is. Your angels are not granting any wishes or magically making anything happen when they send this blessing.

Instead, they are showing you your potential and helping you to unlock it. There is also a blessing of positive spiritual energy that will make your intuition, guidance and interactions easier to navigate.

This will help you, but anything you achieve will be your own doing. Your angels are helping to unlock your capabilities, not creating them.

Anything that happens would be possible just with your own skills and ideas, but maybe you need a bit of help to achieve these things. That’s why I wouldn’t say it’s a lucky number, after all.

It’s definitely not unlucky either, as this number brings a lot of positivity to your life. If you use this blessing, you can make some amazing things happen.

When you have this number in your life, you need to use it to maximize your efforts and really go for whatever it is you want to achieve.

Whether it’s a big challenge, project or perhaps an attempt at a job promotion, anything you have convinced yourself not to try because of limitations should be attempted again.

Now you know that there are no real limitations within you. You may not succeed at every single thing you try, but you will gain knowledge and something to use from every attempt.

Sometimes there are valid reasons for not trying something, but doubts within yourself are not excuses that are worth listening to. It’s always worth it to at least try.

It’s better to accept that something failed than to wonder what would have happened if you’d only tried. The pain of regret can be much worse than the feeling of failure, in my experience.

Your angels have seen that you have more capability than you think, and they want to make sure that you’re using all of these capabilities so that you have the best chance for success possible.

Let go of all the negative coping methods you have for your insecurities and start believing in yourself. If you do that, then you can turn this blessing into something that feels like a lucky number in your life!

Where To Look For Your Numbers

I wish it were possible for me to tell you a list of all of the places you would be guaranteed to find your next set of angel numbers, but sadly that’s not how it works.

Angel numbers appearing isn’t something that adheres to a code or schedule, and everyone has a different experience with it. I have seen angel numbers appear in all sorts of places.

Some of them are more common like on clocks and computer screens. Sometimes it will be more specific like appearing as an important date in someone’s life.

One person I know had an interesting way of finding his numbers, and they were incidentally 1155. While having coffee with this friend, he remarked that something amusing had been happening.

He said that for the past few days, he felt compelled to look at his watch and each time it was 11:55. It happened in the morning and the evening, and he said it was quite a coincidence.

When I reacted with silence, he got uncomfortable in his chair.

“I guess it’s not really that funny after all,” he said sheepishly.

I told him that I was reacting that way not because I thought it was a boring story but because I had a suspicion that he had received an angel number.

He hadn’t even considered that, but it made sense after all. In the time he had received that number, he had been feeling an increased drive and belief in himself.

You can find your numbers in all manner of situations. My friend didn’t tell me about the watch incident because he thought it was that fascinating.

He told me about it because he had found something special about these numbers without even realizing it. That’s the feeling you need to look out for.

When numbers feel special to you and feel like they’re impacting your life in any way, that’s when you need to pay attention and analyze if you’re being sent a message.

Your angels will try to make it as apparent as possible, and you need to make sure you pay attention when the numbers do appear. That’s a lot more important than knowing where and when to look for them.

When you notice these special numbers, you can then do the work of investigating what they mean for you!

My Final Comments on 1155 Angel Number

It’s not nice to feel limited by things within yourself, but it happens to us all at one time or another.

Angel number 1155 is a reminder from your angels not to let yourself be limited by your own insecurities.

You need to realize that you have great capabilities within yourself and that you can use these for your own success.

Your angels have seen this within you and they have a clearer picture of you than you could ever hope to have.

They will also be guiding you with positive energy, so you can use this blessing in some really major ways to find success and happiness.

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