13 Angel Number And Its Meaning

This number can have an interesting impact on your life…

The number 13 is one that has a dark reputation attached to it. Even people who know nothing of numbers and their meanings will probably be aware of this as the quintessential unlucky number.

Because of this, you may be feeling nervous if you’re seeing 13 everywhere. Does it mean that you’re about to have a bout of bad luck?

The truth about 13 angel number is actually different to what you might think, and I want to show you how it can actually be a good sign to see this number.

You may just have a whole new perspective about this infamous number by the time this guide is done!

Is 13 Angel Number Unlucky?

For many people, if you were to ask them whether 13 is unlucky, there would be a resounding yes. A lot of people associate 13 with black cats, unlucky days and movie villains in hockey masks.

If Friday the 13th is considered as a day of bad luck, then this must be an unlucky number, right? What might be surprising to you is that I do not consider this to be an inherently unlucky number.

Some numbers do bring negative energy to some people for various reasons, and 13 could indeed be one of those numbers for some folks. But as a generally unlucky number, I’m not convinced.

I’m especially sensitive to the feelings a number gives off as a psychic, and I’ve never felt anything dark or foreboding from 13. In fact, I see this as quite a positive, powerful number.

It contains 1 which relates to the self, and it also has 3 which is a power number regarding spiritual growth. When I have seen 13 show up for friends and clients, it has always yielded a positive result.

Typically, 13 results in a personal time of spiritual growth and prosperity. It could be in the form of new opportunities, relationships and opportunities for you to grow as a person.

As I said, it’s possible that you as an individual may feel some negative force from this number, but believe it or not that would actually be the exception to the rule.

13 has a bad reputation as in many cultures and belief systems it has such negative connotations. This had moved into popular culture, and for that reason it has become an iconic number for the worst reasons.

Even people who see no significance in numbers may make jokes and references to this number when it appears. This is perfectly understandable, but you shouldn’t let that poison your perception.

This is something I will go into more detail on in the next section, but you should avoid seeing this as a sign of bad luck. Instead, you should actually be pleased to see this, as it means good things for your immediate future!

If anything, while I typically avoid calling numbers lucky or unlucky, I would say that 13 is more lucky than not. Let’s see some of the things you can do to avoid getting the wrong idea from this intriguing number.

Never Do This If You Keep Seeing 13

So far, we have covered that angel number 13 is not unlucky or a bad omen. I imagine this would have been surprising to many reading this, as so many people assume that it has to be an unlucky number.

In fact, I have had people call me or make an appointment with me in a panic.

They’ll say something like:

“Edel, I’m seeing 13 everywhere and I’m freaking out! Can you do a blessing too counteract this bad omen?”

I always take joy in assuring the person that it is actually a good sign. However, it’s not a completely laughing matter, as it is important ot have the right idea when it comes to your angel numbers.

Your energy and your thoughts can influence more than you may think, so if you fixate on seeing 13 negatively, then it could actually affect the intended blessing of this number.

The main thing to avoid when you see 13 all around you is panic. You shouldn’t be worrying and stressing about seeing this number just because of its bad reputation.

Again, I can totally see why you may initially have a bad feeling about it, but you can take it from me; I’ve been doing psychic work for many years and have never actually seen 13 to be a bad omen.

Once people get over the shock of seeing this infamous number, it actually tends to result in some great things for them.

Having that initial moment of panic is normal and understandable, but now that you know better you should have a bit more peace about it.

If you can avoid fixating on that negative connotation then you can instead focus on the many good things that this angel number can bring to your life.

If you have generally found 13 to be an unlucky force in your life, it would even then not necessarily mean that you should be worried about seeing this number.

It could even be a bit of a turning point for you if you see this number in a different context! Now that you know what to avoid when it comes to this number, we can instead focus a bit more on what it should mean for your life.

That will be the focus of the final section as I cover some of the power behind this number.

Your Angels Are Sending You A Message With 13

Hopefully you have taken comfort in the fact that angel number 13 does not have to be an unlucky omen for you to fear! Now that we know what this number does not concern, we can focus on what it does mean.

Generally, when I have seen this number appear for people I know, it predates a time of spiritual growth and fulfillment for that person.

This can come in a few different ways, but it’s essentially a blessing about working on yourself.

I distinctly remember working with a client of mine who had been seeing 13 and was worried about what it meant for his life.

After I explained what the number actually meant, we could delve into his life.

The more we spoke, the more we discovered that he had been coming to terms with the fact that he had a bad anger issue and it was affecting various avenues of his life.

His bringing it up made me sure this was where his angels were pointing him toward. They wanted him to work on this angry response he had to everything and they gave him the push he needed to work on it.

We performed various prayers and affirmations, and he also made the decision to get some therapy for his issues. Working on it in these ways made such a difference for him and he was able to manage it much better.

It not only made him much happier in the long run, but all of the relationships in his life that had been suffering because of it were also much better for it. That was his issue, but it could be anything for you.

Your angels want you to be a better version of yourself, so try to think of areas of yourself that you could improve. It could be an issue like my client had or it could be something else.

Perhaps there is a new skill you could be learning or a new endeavor that will challenge you. Your angels are leading you toward whatever it could be, and you need to follow that lead.

Whatever it is will be endorsed and blessed by your angels, and so there will be extra strength behind it. By the end of the process, you will see what a blessing 13 can actually be instead of a curse!

To do this, you need to be honest with yourself and allow yourself the humility of admitting where you could grow and improve. You can make your life so much better with even just a few small changes!

This is what your angels want for you, so you can definitely make 13 a positive force in your life.

My Final Comments on 13 Angel Number

In this guide to 13 angel number, we have hopefully dispelled some of the myths behind this famous number. Now you see that this number should be a cause for happiness instead of dread!

You will find that this coming time will be one where you can grow and improve your life in subtle or extreme ways. Also, if you ever know someone who encounters 13, you can assure them that it’s actually a good sign!

Maybe together we can start getting a better reputation for this misunderstood number.

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