139 Angel Number And Its Meaning

Anyone who has ever had anything to do with farming will tell you what a joy it is to have a good and bountiful harvest after so much hard work and toiling.

This is the case in life in general, as we all like to see hard work has paid off.

Angel number 139 is a message of blessing from your angels that things are about to pay off. If you’ve been struggling and working hard to seemingly no avail, then this should be a message of encouragement and love for you.

In this overview, I want to break down the digits of this angel number and show you why you should be feeling a lot of joy seeing it in your life!

Is 139 A Sign Of Good Luck?

Anyone who has spoken to me about angel numbers or read any of my guides will know I can be a bit of a stubborn mule when it comes to issues of angel numbers being lucky.

I tend to argue that an angel number is not technically lucky or unlucky, and this is something that many don’t agree with me on!

However, I also do concede that people have different ideas of what luck is. Some would consider a good thing happening to be an act of luck, and I suppose that is hard to argue with.

Angel number 139 is still not one I would call lucky, but it is one where I would have a harder time arguing about it.

It’s certainly a very good angel number to have in your life, as it contains a message of good things coming your way.

However, my argument against calling it lucky is that it’s more of a sign of your hard work coming to fruition than a sign that things are randomly about to get better.

This is something I will cover in a lot more detail shortly, but seeing this angel number is not what will cause your change in fortune.

You will have earned everything good coming your way, but your angels have also been blessing your endeavors as well.

This blessing is one that also needs to be used wisely, and this brings me to why I’m so stubborn about calling angel numbers lucky.

If you say that something is lucky, that gives people the idea that they can kick their feet up and not do anything.

This isn’t a good way to go about it, even when it’s a great blessing being bestowed. When you get a friend to help you move, you don’t just sit on a chair and watch them do all the work while you have a nice soda.

You work together to make the most of this help and achieve the goal set out for you.

It’s the same with angel numbers that have to do with a blessing. They are giving you the help and assurance you need, and you have to make good use of it.

So that’s why I would not say that this is a lucky angel number, but it is a really positive and exciting one to achieve.

If you use this blessing wisely, then amazing things could be in store for you! Let’s take a closer look at what forms this could take.

Your Angels Are Sending You A Message With 139

Now we have covered why I would not call angel number 139 lucky, but now I want to delve more into what this number actually means.

I always start this by looking at the individual numbers and using the psychic knowledge I have accumulated over the years to interpret them.

To explain this particular one, I would like to do just that, starting with 1. 1 is a number that can have lots of different interpretations as to its meaning.

It often refers to something to do with you as an individual, so if an angel number starts with 1 then that often means a focus on your own soul and your own life.

3 is a number of ideals, a perfect standard to strive for. The trinity is important in many faiths and belief systems, and it can mean a spiritual purity as well.

9 is an interesting number, and it’s one of the more malleable numbers when it comes to finding the meaning.

I most often find it to be related to physical pursuits and endeavors such as projects, jobs or similar things.

So putting them all together, it means that you have something good coming your way that’s a result of your efforts.

The lovely thing about this angel number is that it’s a sign that your hard work will soon be paying off. If you have been really working hard and not seeing the desired results, that should be changing soon.

As I mentioned when we spoke about luck, I wouldn’t say that this number will be the cause of good things to come into your life, instead it’s a reassurance that it’s coming soon.

So often in life we can feel like our extra work anD effort is for nothing, but this is a sign that you will be seeing good results.

Your angels have seen all that you are doing, and they want to bless you going forward so you can really make the most of your situation.

Going forward, you should feel that things are a bit better and easier as long as you believe in yourself and the blessing of your angels.

You will still need to work hard, but knowing it’s building to something good can be great motivation.

Next up, I want to finish off this guide by looking at some of the steps you can take when you receive this angel number in your life and how you can ensure you get the most of it.

Keep Seeing 139? Read This Carefully…

Now you hopefully have a better understanding of what angel number 139 means, so you may be wondering what it is that you can do next to make the most of it.

First of all, I want to emphasize that this is not a permit to sit back and consider everything sorted out. You have been working hard, but now is not the time to stop putting in any effort.

Remember my analogy about having a friend to help you move and how you don’t just sit back and let them do all the work.

Your angels’ blessing will be a helping hand and a boost to make you as successful as possible, but that will be in combination with your efforts.

If you keep working hard, then you will see something positive come from it, so just keep trying your best!

It’s also important to remember that while your angel’s blessing has helped you, it has also been your hard work and determination that has gotten you to where you are.

It’s important to trust not only in the blessing of your angels but also the abilities within yourself.

Once you start seeing this angel number around you, try to let the positivity of the message really shine on you and feel encouraged that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep doing what you’re doing, but try to feel extra confidence and belief in yourself and your angels. This blessing also won’t last forever, so it’s good to make the most use of it while you can.

Even when the blessing of this angel number has passed, I would encourage you to remember that your angels are always looking out for you and that they want to see you blessed and succeeding!

If you remember these things, then you will go forward with confidence and joy in all you do.

There may be some days that you falter, but you should always believe in yourself and your angels as well as remember that hard work is never wasted.

My Final Comments on 139 Angel Number

You may feel like you’ve been working so hard to no avail, and that nothing ever feels worth the bother.

I hope that angel number 139 has encouraged you to believe that things will be getting better and that your hard work will pay off in the end.

This is a sign that good things are going to come your way after a period of hard work and effort.

The blessing of your angels is there for you if you embrace it, and combining it with hard work will make you unstoppable! You are capable of so much, and your angels are reminding you of that.

Give yourself some credit sometimes and keep working on bettering yourself every day, and you will live out the blessing your angels have shone upon you.

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