2020 Angel Number And Its Meaning

What is the true meaning of this secretive angel number?

The number 2020 probably doesn’t have the best reputation these days, given that is the year that our lives were collectively changed forever.

We can leave that negative connotation at the door, however, as it’s luckily a lot more positive in other senses.

I’ve had so many people coming to me, panicked because they’ve been seeing angel number 2020 around them and are worried about whether this number has become tainted.

In fact, I’ve had so many friends and clients ask me about it that I felt it was important to clear the air about this angel number.

In this guide I will be breaking down this angel number to show you what it means for life and love. You will certainly see why spotting this number around you is a cause for happiness, not dread!

The Meaning Of 2020 When It Comes To Love

When you think of a relationship, whether romantic, familial or friendship based, the core aspect defining it is a joining.

One becomes two, two can become three and so on. 1 is a strong number as it represents the self and completeness, but it is also the loneliest number in terms of relationships.

That’s why when we see the number 2 in an angel number, it’s usually in reference to relationships, pairings and relating to other people.

When we think of relationships, we normally think of a partner that we love, but other relationships are just as important, and we can have love for many people in our lives.

When I’m asked about this number and what it means, I always say that it has to do with mending or building relations with people in your life.

Some angel numbers will carry a message of reconciliation or growth with one person, perhaps a partner, but this one is a bit different.

With this number, your angels are prompting you to take some time and put in some effort with multiple people in your life.

They have felt that you are not paying as much heed to certain people as you should, and this is affecting the balance of your relationship.

When we love people, we need to be sure that we’re constantly checking in and doing what we can to reinvigorate and keep the love strong.

This focus shouldn’t be on just one person in your life, as your angels are pushing you toward multiple people with this message.

In my experience, the focus will tend to be on a small group of those closest to you.

You should feel a draw to the people your angels have in mind, but if they don’t then you can try to write down a list of the people you connect with most each day.

The people your angels are guiding you towards should just feel right, and you will feel a draw to them.

Your angels feel that your love connection to these people has been lacking, and this is setting off the balance of that love.

It’s okay though, and it’s an easy problem to fix! Your angels aren’t warning you that you’re on the brink of losing these people forever, just that they feel the love connection you share needs a bit of work.

I’ll go over a few ways that you can mend these relationships later on, but realizing that a bit more needs to be done is the first step toward strengthening that love connection.

The True And Secret Influence Of Angel Number 2020

So far, I’ve shared that this number is a message to you about your love relationships needing a bit of work, and the focus was on you doing a bit more to strengthen these relationships.

The responsibility can be on you, but it’s not the only way to interpret this message.

In a personal email I received the other day from an old friend, she said that she had spotted angel number 2020 multiple times. I shared with her what I shared with you, but this just left her more confused!

“I have been doing that!” she said.

“I put in so much effort and feel like I have to settle for a fraction back from everyone.”

I think we have all been in this position where our levels of effort are not matched. When my friend told me this, it was clear that this angel number is not strictly related to how we act toward other people.

It is still talking about an imbalance, but perhaps it is not how you’re not doing enough.

After meditating on this for a while, I contacted my friend and asked her if she had told her close friends and family that this was a source of frustration for her, and she admitted she was too nervous to.

I assured her that her angels were guiding her to communicate in order to fix this issue that she was having.

Essentially, the meaning of the message was the same, but it was just angled at the other people in the relationship.

With this guidance, she spoke to her loved ones, asking for a bit more effort. A week later, she told me it had made a huge difference!

Not only that, but they were surprised when she brought it up and had no idea she had been feeling taken for granted.

That’s what your angels want for you with this number; they don’t want you or the people closest to you to feel taken for granted. As I saw with my friend, sometimes it just takes being honest and open for those around us to realize this is what has been happening.

Keep Seeing 2020? Read This Carefully…

You may be sitting there thinking:

Okay, so my angels want either me or my loved ones to do more, how can I tell which it is?

To tackle this question, just keep in mind that your angels are giving a singular message here which could be summed up as:

Someone needs to do a bit more.

Most times I’ve had people ask about angel number 2020, I’ve found that it referred to the others in their life.

The friend I mentioned was a bit of an exception to the rule, but it was pretty clear to tell that there was a bit of a difference with her.

All it took was a bit of self-reflection and honesty.

She took a good look at her life and her feelings and was able to see that she was doing a lot and that this was not being reciprocated.

You can do the same, but you need to be as unbiased as possible, even though this is a personal matter.

You may have to acknowledge that you may be the problem in this situation, but ‘problem’ feels like a strong word.

You’re not doing anything wrong, and your angels aren’t looking to punish or criticize you. If you reflect and think about the relationships in your life and realize you could perhaps be doing more, that’s the first step!

Then, you can think about ways you could fix this. Maybe you will text or call your best friend every two or three weeks and think that’s enough.

If this is the case, it could be a good idea to set a day each week when you check up on them. It could be as simple as paying your loved ones a visit a bit more often.

Validation is also important, and it can be something we get lax with.

It’s especially the case when you live with someone and get used to their presence and energy.

If you think a friend or family member is looking particularly nice or if they have a good aura about them, tell them!

It could be as simple as that, but your angels will also guide you toward what will be the right way to restore the balance in these relationships.

One thing is for sure, everyone will feel the positive change and be all the happier for it.

My Final Comments on Angel Number 2020

I hope that after reading this guide any reservations or worried you may have had about angel number 2020 are well and truly gone.

This angel number represents a message from your angels that is gently encouraging you to show and express your love some more.

Remember that it could also be on others in your life, and there is never any harm in kindly voicing your frustrations and concerns. If they really care for you, then they will surely want to do everything they can to make you feel more loved.

After working on this message from your angels, I have no doubts that you will feel the positive influence of your effort to and from all of those you love the most!

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