38 Angel Number And Its Meaning

Discover the secrets of this powerful number…

Different things will bring happiness and joy to different people, and these can even be quite hard to understand for others who don’t share the same interests.

Angel number 38 is a call from your angels to indulge in those things that make you happy, but there are some caveats to this message. To make sure you fully understand this message, I felt compelled to make this informative guide.

By the end of this guide, you will know what this number and its message are all about, and you will know how best to adhere to the message it contains!

Is 38 A Sign Of Good Luck?

Angel number 38 is a number that I wouldn’t really call lucky or unlucky. In fact, I never really like to call any angel numbers lucky or not, as I don’t see them to function the same way that luck does.

Luck seems like a predetermined thing, in that if you have good luck then things will go well no matter what and vice versa. Angel numbers are more of a message, and these will often carry blessings as well.

The reason I don’t equate them with luck is that the message and even the blessing of an angel number is not pre-determined like luck would be. An angel’s blessing is more of a guide from your angels that would have some power behind it.

In later sections of this guide, I will be covering in more detail what this number means, and that way you will also be able to work out the message for your life specifically.

For now though, I would say that this is a lovely angel number to receive, as it means that something that makes you happy is just around the corner for you.

In that regard, you would be lucky to have this angel number appear in your vicinity! As for the number itself, I wouldn’t say that it would be a lucky charm or anything like that.

It would be more accurate to say that the opportunity for something that will make you happy is coming up for you. It is possible to miss this opportunity and miss out on the blessing, however.

I don’t want you to worry too much about that though, as I will be showing you some ways that you can make the most of this message and blessing.

In general, I would advise against considering any angel numbers to be signs of good or bad luck. I would say the same even if there is a clearly positive or negative aspect to the number and message.

Considering a message or a blessing to be a sure thing just isn’t a good attitude to have, and it can result in you missing out.

Now that we have covered this aspect of angel numbers, we can look at the actual meanings of the number so that you can work out the message being portrayed to you.

Your Angels Are Sending You A Message With 38

So far, I have already indicated that angel number 38 is a positive sign for you, but now I’m sure you would like something more specific about what it could mean for you.

As I have also alluded to, this message from your angels regards something that makes you happy. Sometimes people will refer to things they love as ‘guilty pleasures.’

I don’t really like this term, as I feel that anything that nourishes your soul, makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone is valid. Whether it’s a cheesy rom-com or a collection of action figures, if it makes you happy then who cares what anyone thinks?

This message is from your angels to say that you should go for something that makes you happy. 3 is a power number that represents the core of your spiritual and emotional being.

8 on the other hand refers to more material or worldly things. This number will often be attached to messages that have to do with possessions, finances or experiences.

Putting these together, we can see that this angel number says that there is an opportunity for something that nourishes your soul coming up for you. It could even have something to do with a favorite hobby that you’ve been neglecting.

If you’re not sure where you’re being led with this message, try to think of your favorite things that you like to do or own. Naturally, this is within reason.

If you’re a fan of luxury cars, this message doesn’t mean that one is going to magically appear in your driveway! However, there will be some kind of opportunity for something that makes you happy.

This won’t be random either, and your angels will lead you toward whatever it is that they want for you. The thing that will be a blessing will also be something good for your soul, so it won’t be harmful or put you in financial ruin.

Your angels never want a blessing to leave you in a worse place than when you started, so this won’t be a free pass to make frivolous or irresponsible purchases and decisions.

It could even be something very small that will make you happy, and you will feel some sort of inclination to the correct thing. Now that we know a bit more about the message, we can move on.

The final part of this overview will focus on some practical steps you can take to make the most of this wonderful blessing from your angels.

Keep Seeing 38? Read this carefully…

Many times when I’ve spoken to people about their angel numbers, they are confused as to what they should do. Another common occurrence is that people worry about missing the message or blessing.

They’ll usually follow up on these concerns with questions on how they will be able to specifically spot and follow up on the message. When I say that I can’t specifically answer that, it always elicits a look of disappointment.

People naturally want specific answers to know what to expect, but the message from your angels will be specific to you.

I may not be able to specifically tell you what the message will be, but I can tell you ways that you can easily spot the message. The best way to see what the message may be is to feel it.

Angels won’t directly speak to most people the way we talk to each other, and so the connect with our hearts and souls. Being close to your angels is deeply linked to your feelings and emotions.

However, these feelings can be easy to miss if you’re not open to them. They shouldn’t feel like a mood change or anything natural like feeling hungry or tired, either.

It will be a strange feeling like an unidentifiable emotion coming over you. When you encounter the subject of the message for you, your angels will be projecting power on this thing.

They don’t want the message or the blessing to be so inscrutable that you’ll have little hope of identifying it. However, they also won’t portray it in bright obvious letters.

So, the subject of their message and blessing will be clear, but only if you’re open to it. This means being open to seeing it but also to feeling it.

It may sound complicated or intimidating, but it’s not something that you should overthink. Once you have determined the message of this angel number, just keep an open mind and heart to the things around you.

If you feel drawn to something that is a source of happiness for you, then it’s worth exploring this. The thing the message concerns will serve to make you happy in a spiritual and physical sense.

So please don’t spend this time worrying or getting stressed about it! Simply be open to it and feel the guidance of your angels.

That’s all they ask of you, and as long as you do that then you will be ready to receive their blessing for your life.

My Final Comments on Angel Number 38

A new opportunity for happiness is always a wonderful thing whenever we can have it in our lives. Angel number 38 is a message from your angels that happiness is around the corner.

It could be something small yet meaningful or it could be something larger and more significant. We’re all unique in what makes us happy, so you will have to discover what the message means for you!

This is a time to open yourself up to the message of your angels and be open to seeing what it is that they have in store for you. Whatever it may be, I’m excited for you to receive this wonderful blessing in your life!

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