5 Angel Number And Its Meaning

This powerful number has a message for you…

I often say that maintaining a sense of creativity and wonder is as important as maintaining physical and spiritual health.

Keeping a fascination with the world around us is what really makes life worth living!

5 angel number is a simple yet powerful message in your life that you need to reignite the wonder in your life, and your angels have a plan for you to do just that.

I have seen some interesting stories from people encountering this number before, and I would like to share those stories along with some insights I have gathered as well.

If you have been seeing 5 everywhere, then you’re in the right place!

Is 5 Angel Number Unlucky?

When it comes to lucky or unlucky numbers, I have some skepticism about it. However, I do believe that certain numbers hold power for some and not others.

I have had people tell me that 5 is a lucky number for them so they will always include it in passwords or lottery tickets. Others have told me that including 5 in anything is a ticket to misfortune.

I do certainly believe that numbers can bring positive or negative energy to certain people, but in most cases the power of a number is a bit more general.

Unless it is a number that is specifically lucky or unlucky for you as a person, I would not consider numbers to have that kind of association.

The meaning of a number can also be changed by the numbers that it is found with, but with 5 angel number we see the focus entirely on this one number.

While I wouldn’t call 5 a lucky number in a general sense, I would certainly not say that it’s one most would consider to be unlucky. 5 isn’t a number that foretells huge changes in your life.

Some angel numbers can be a sign of big changes or upsets in your life, but this is not one of them.

As I will explore in more detail later, this is more of a gentle reminder and prompting from your angels.

But what about if you are a person who has found 5 to be an unlucky number in your life? Should you consider this angel number unlucky?

This is a tricky one, as if 5 is a recurring negative force in your life then I don’t want to say you should not see it as a dark omen. If you see it once in a way that brings you a bad feeling, then maybe be wary.

However, as an angel number you should see it in odd places a few times, and it will stand out to you. As a sign from your angels, you should also not be feeling a dark or foreboding presence.

When I feel the influence of my angels, it feels like warm sunlight on me and is a nice, cozy feeling. If I encounter a dark energy, it feels more like entering a dismal cave with the sunlight extinguished.

Go by the feeling that you experience when you encounter a certain number, as this is a good gauge as to whether it will be a positive or negative influence in your life.

What Not To Do If You Keep Seeing 5

Now, let’s say that you have encountered angel number 5 a few times and you have that warm, good feeling I described earlier. What should you do next?

5 is a number that your angels will use to remind you that you need to recapture a sense of wonder in your life. I remember years ago I was working in a mind-numbing corporate job.

Anyone who knows me will know that a cold corporate job is the last place that Edel Wyn should be! However, we can all get caught up in these kinds of positions when we need stable income or security.

I remember one day that I just kept seeing 5 everywhere; on documents, my computer screen, my work calendar, you name it.

Once I realized this was no coincidence, I knew I had to figure out what was being communicated to me.

Before I saw this number, I had spent every weekend just sitting around, watching TV and just being lazy.

This is one of the worst things you can do, especially if you see this particular angel number! Inaction is a damaging thing in your life, as you’re holding yourself back from grand experiences.

Now, am i saying that you should never take a lazy day where you do nothing and just relax? No, I’m certainly not saying that.

We all need to take some time to recharge our batteries every now and then, but we just need to make sure we don’t fall into a habit of staying in an environment that won’t recharge our sense of wonder.

Going back to my example, even though I thought I was just relaxing after a hard week of work, I was closing myself off to enriching experiences.

When I saw the number 5 all around me, I made sure to make the effort to go on more nature walks, take some art classes and connect with people I hadn’t spoken to in a long time.

Even though it technically took more energy and time, I felt more relaxed and energized by this new lifestyle.

Nourishing my soul gave me so much more spiritual energy, and that even helped me to deal with the drudgery of my job.

Getting the ball rolling when it came to nourishing my soul also took me down a path of reaching a point where I would be able to find a job situation that was better for my soul in the long run.

Now that you know more about the dos and don’ts of this number, I want to finish off by showing you where to look for your angel numbers.

Where To Look For Your Numbers

I get asked so many times where one should look for their angel numbers, and I always like to say that you shouldn’t see them as much as you should feel them.

I’d like to go back to my example of how I was seeing this number at work so much. It can be hard to tell whether something is a meaningful number or just a number that has no significance.

At my job, I would see all sorts of numbers every day, and most of them were just numbers with no spiritual meaning behind them. Some people may say something like:

“So you saw 5 a bunch of times, big deal! I see numbers all the time.

I would reply to that with complete and total agreement. We do see certain numbers all the time, and most times it won’t really have any special meaning behind it.

Seeing 5 on your watch or on a street sign isn’t necessarily something to take not of. However, that day when i was seeing it everywhere, something just felt different about it.

Even though it was printed in the same ink as any other numbers I was seeing, it seemed a bit brighter or more noticeable on the page. It was almost as if it was elevated on the pages and screens I was seeing it.

There was also a feeling associated with it. I previously described it as feeling like there is sunlight shining on me, and that’s the best way that I can pinpoint it.

Not only did I get this good feeling, but I also found the message of the number to be difficult to get out of my mind. As a psychic, this will feel a bit more defined than it would for others.

However, everyone I know who feels their numbers and opens themselves up to it finds that they feel compelled to certain places or actions.

If you feel that kind of divine inspiration, then try to follow through and see where it leads you. When you feel your angel numbers around you, it’s important to take the message and blessing in good faith.

My Final Comments on 5 Angel Number

Recapturing your sense of wonder and your zest for life is more important than you may think! Angel number 5 is a reminder to take some time to open yourself up to enriching experiences.

Even if it’s as simple as going on walks and reconnecting with loved ones, taking this time can be important for your mind and soul.

This number will also have a blessing that leads you to where you need to be.

Remember to feel 5 angel number instead of seeing it, and then let your mind be open to being led to where your angels want you to be.

Following the lead of your angels will result in so much more happiness and joy!

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