5 Best Tarot Card Decks For Beginners (Sneaky Easy to Learn!)

When we first think about getting started with tarot, the obvious question arises – what should my first tarot card deck be?

While there are many options out there, there are some obvious ways some tarot decks are better for beginners than others (in my humble opinion).

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Criteria for Choosing a Tarot Deck for Beginners

  • Full deck – It must be a full 78-card tarot deck so you can learn all about major arcana and minor arcana and the suits of wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Watch out for so-called “Oracle Decks,” which look like tarot cards but may have different amounts of cards and divination meanings depending on the artist/author.
  • Meanings – To learn the meanings, it’s helpful to have a deck that comes with a guidebook or has a short description of the card’s meaning on the card itself. I like having the meaning on the card for a beginner deck, it makes the flow of pulling and interpreting easier.
  • Clear imagery – The imagery on the cards must be clear and detailed to help guide you to the card’s meaning. Tarot card images should be simple yet nuanced to help the reader reflect on and remember the card’s meaning.
  • Inexpensive – This may sound silly, but the deck should be relatively inexpensive. This is just a starter deck, you’ll definitely be buying more down the road.
  • Connection – This may be hard to gauge while browsing cards online, but you should feel a connection with your tarot deck. Don’t overthink it; go with your gut and pick a deck that looks and feels right for you.

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The Top 5 Tarot Card Decks I Recommend to Beginners

1 – Rider-Waite Tarot deck: This is the most popular tarot deck around and is a great starting point for beginners. It is rich in symbolism and is easy to understand. You’ll also see the rider-waite card images on all of the card descriptions here at

fool card, rider-waite
The Fool – Rider-Waite

2 – Witchy Cauldron Beginner Tarot deck – This beginner tarot deck is perfect for those just starting out. Upright and reversed meanings of each tarot card are printed right on the card, so you can easily learn and grow your tarot skills.

3 – The Beginner’s Tarot deck: As the name suggests, this deck is specifically designed for beginners. It has simple, easy-to-understand illustrations and includes a guidebook with instructions on how to read the tarot.

4 – The Wild Unknown tarot deck: This deck has a modern, artistic design and uses animal imagery to represent the tarot cards. It is a good choice for people who are drawn to nature and want a deck that resonates with their own personal aesthetic.

5 – Tarot Learning Cards – This deck is a little different option that can help you learn the meaning of the cards. They are Tarot flash cards and may appeal to those who learn quickly using self study flash cards for memorization.

What To Do After You Find Your First Deck

When you first get your deck, it’s critical to break your cards in before you start using them.

There are ways for you to properly introduce yourself to the cards and form a long-lasting bond.

This article ->> is a must-read about how to bless your tarot cards and connect with your new deck.

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