618 Angel Number and Its Meaning

Find out why this number will be so significant…

We all have things that get us going in the morning. It’s the things that give life texture, joy and wonder, and if you ask me these things are what make life worth living.

It’s not always easy to discover the things that give our lives joy and purpose though, and some people can find themselves lost in a haze where these things feel far away.

That’s why angel number 618 is perfect for you if you have felt like you can’t find these things that make life amazing anymore.

Even if you do know your passions and joys, this number can help to enhance them.

Your angels want you to get your heart, mind and spirit aligned so that you can appreciate life to the fullest. I’m here to help you to discover exactly how you can use this blessing to its fullest potential!

Is 618 Angel Number Unlucky?

When something spiritual enters your life, you would naturally want to know the basics of what it means for your life. After all, it represents a change, and change is not always welcomed.

People can be quite superstitious of angel numbers, feeling that any angel number blessing must fall into a binary of lucky or unlucky.

As with most things, it’s nowhere near that simple and there is complexity to how an angel number functions in your life. When it comes to an angel number, it’s not just about the number.

Your angels send you a message when they send you an angel number, and this message can take on a number of forms.

Sometimes, your angels are sending you a message about your own development.

Other times, they could be offering you some guidance as to how to proceed in your life.

Of course, the message could take many other forms as well, and each time you get an angel number you need to decipher the message.

An angel number will never be purely negative, even when your angels tell you that something undesirable is coming to your life.

There is a misconception that when your angels foretell something coming to your life that they are causing that thing to happen. The same misconception happens when something good is foretold.

Your angels are giving you a heads up as to what they have seen coming for your life and want to help you to prepare for these events. So, even when they’re bad, it wouldn’t be an unlucky number.

That brings us back to whether angel number 618 is an unlucky number based on the criteria I have laid out. It wouldn’t be unlucky, and in fact it would be a really positive number to receive.

You can use this number to really add to your spiritual, mental and personal development and find some more purpose in your life. It would require that you really make the most of this blessing, though.

If you don’t take advantage of the blessing and just live your life as normal while expecting everything to happen for you then you won’t find much benefit from it.

This is something I have a lot to say about though, and I think it would be a good idea to cover that in its own section.

With that being said, let’s see what I think you should try to avoid with this blessing.

What NOT To Do If You Keep Seeing 618

It’s always nice to have someone do all the hard work for you when there is a task to be taken care of. For example, I am horrible with numbers and hate having to work out my taxes.

I decided that it was easier and less stressful to just hire a consultant to help me with it.

When I hired them, I told them that I only want to be minimally involved and for them to contact me only if they really need something from me.

In this kind of scenario, it’s okay to expect that this person will do everything (or at least most things) for you. With angel numbers, it’s not the same kind of arrangement though.

When your angels send you a message and a blessing then it’s a lot more collaborative. Your angels are not here to just do everything for you, but they do want to help you.

It’s like climbing a mountain and you meet someone who wants to help you get to the top because you’ve been struggling. You can’t just expect them to carry you on their shoulders all the way.

Maybe they could help you by offering a shoulder, their supplies or even some good directions. It will still be up to you to use the help and make the most of it.

Your angels have sent you angel number 618 to show you that you can get yourself back on track with your development.

Your spiritual, mental, personal and even physical development need to work in good balance.

Life isn’t just about keeping yourself alive and surviving, it’s also about finding out what makes life worth living for you. It could be a hobby, interest or something like raising a family.

Whatever makes you feel excited each day is the thing that adds light to your life. You need to discover what it is, but you can’t expect your angels to do all the heavy lifting.

They will increase your perception and spiritual intuition so that you can work out what it is that will give your life purpose and joy.

As long as you remember that it’s a collaborative process then you will find amazing things happening.

Your angels want to get you started on a new phase of discovery and joy, and if you work with them then it doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

Where To Find Your Numbers

Now that you have begun the journey of angel number 618, you may be thinking ahead to the next angel number. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, as it happens in many areas of life.

For instance, when you finish a vacation, you may be thinking already about where you’d like to go next time.

When I finish reading a new book by a favorite author, I find myself immediately excited for when the next one comes out.

That’s because when you experience something that makes your life better, you want that thing to stay for as long as possible or to continue in another way.

While I completely understand this mindset, I don’t think it should be applied to angel numbers. A few lines ago I described this as a journey for you to go on, and that’s the best word to use.

It’s something that is to begin and be embarked on, and you need to keep your focus on this journey. Also, this blessing will be providing you with lessons to apply to your life in general.

It may even end up impacting the future angel numbers, guidance and blessings that your angels will send your way.

If you get too hung up on your next angel numbers, then you may divert focus from this one.

Your angels will only send you your angel numbers when you’re ready for them. They will send your numbers when there is something in your life that you need their blessing for.

Basically, it will be whenever you’re ready for them, so you can’t will it into existence. Your angels could take a really long time to send your numbers, so you need to be patient.

As you wait, keep working with what you have and focus on your own spiritual development. When your numbers appear next, there will be spiritual power attached to them.

This will make it easier to spot them when they appear, as they won’t feel like normal numbers you will see.

Then, you can focus on your blessing as you will see that it applies to your life and current situation.

For now, focus on the blessing of 618 and then in the future you can look forward to your next angel numbers whenever your angels are ready to send them.

My Final Comments on 618 Angel Number

Life can be amazing when you choose to make it that way. Sometimes it’s hard to do so when life gets difficult, but there is always light to find in the darkness.

Your angels have sent you angel 618 to get more out of life. They want you to unlock your own potential for spiritual, emotional and personal happiness and fulfillment.

Follow this guidance and you will see that your angels have seen how you can proceed with this journey.

It will lead to a new and amazing phase for you, so it’s time to get excited for what your angels have seen for you!

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