85 Angel Number and Its Meaning

Find out the power this number has over your life…

Life happens in many seasons that gradually move from one to the other. Sometimes we control this season change and other times it happens no matter what we do.

You can never really accurately predict what kind of season is coming your way though, even when you really try to influence it. Each day that you wake up, it could be to a good or a bad season.

Angel number 85 is a forecast for a bright and happy season for your life, but there is a catch! It’s just a possibility that you will need to make happen.

That won’t be hard though, as I want to help you to fully follow your angel’s guidance so that you don’t miss out.

Your Angels Are Sending You A Message With 85

What’s your favorite season? Everybody has one and has their reasons for loving that season.

For me, Fall is definitely mine. I love colder weather, and Fall gives me a taste of that sweet chill in the air that you can enjoy snuggled up with a cup of coffee.

Winter is also great, but sometimes it can be a bit too cold, even for me who loves chilly weather. While some people love Summer, I always dread it a bit.

Summer means feeling hot all the time, being devoured by mosquitoes and allergies. Here’s the thing though: I always know when to expect and prepare for Summer.

The seasons progress on a schedule that you can rely on every year, and so I know when my ideal weather will be coming and when I need to prepare for feeling uncomfortable.

These are the seasons of weather that we have, but there are also seasons that happen in your life. I look at every major phase that happens in life as a season.

It’s also a bit like a season of a TV show. If you think about it, there will often be one major event that presides over your life.

In the background, there will be smaller ‘B stories’ that are still important but overshadowed by that big event.

The bigger event will have an effect on the smaller things that are happening in your life, too.

So, if the ‘main event’ is a good one then it will positively effect the other things happening in your life and vice versa. You can’t predict what kind of season it will be though.

That’s what makes the message of angel number 85 so lovely. This number tells you that there is a sunny forecast ahead for you, a season that will positively affect all the other aspects of life too.

As I mentioned in the introduction, this depends on your own input though. You will need to help to make this season happen, but you will be helped by your angels.

The seasons of life are often set into motion because of one or more events or decisions that are made.

So, this good season could be one decision away and your angels want to guide you towards it.

It could be an amazing new phase for you and it’s within your grasp if you just follow the intuition and guidance that your angels send you.

Is 85 Angel Number Unlucky?

When it comes to angel numbers, issues of luck will always be up for debate. I have had many spirited discussions with other psychics about this matter (pun intended.)

Some do like to look at an angel number blessing as something lucky or unlucky, but I usually don’t like to make it as simple and reductive as that.

Sometimes, someone could make a pretty compelling case for a number being lucky or not, but other times it’s more cut and dried.

For angel number 85, you could make a case for it being a lucky number but I can’t imagine a way that you could make it out to be an unlucky number.

This is an entirely positive number for your life if you choose to make it so. Your angels have seen a positive season change for your life if you wish to take this opportunity.

It could be argued that it’s a lucky number for your life, but I wouldn’t really say that either. I’m not just trying to be a contrarian when I say that either, and there is a reason I hold this view.

The reason I don’t like to look at it as a lucky (or unlucky) number is that it negates your responsibility to make it come to pass.

A regular weather season will happen whether we like it or not.

No matter how much I manifest an eternal Fall, it will always pass to Winter, then Spring and then Summer. The seasons of your life can sometimes function similarly as well.

However, sometimes you do have more control over the season changes of your life. This is one of these cases as your angels show you the potential for this change in your life.

Your angels want to help you to facilitate and manifest this positive change for your life, but you have to make the choice to grasp this opportunity and make these changes.

When this positive season comes for your life, it won’t be because of lucky charms or happenstance.

It will be a collaborative effort between you and your angels, and that requires will and effort from you.

That’s why I would say that you shouldn’t think of luck when it comes to following angel number 85.

Instead, see it as an opportunity that you can take advantage of and your angels will show you the way forward.

Where To Look For Your Numbers

It would be very interesting to know where each person reading this right now found angel number 85 in their vicinity.

Whenever I talk to someone about an angel number, I always ask where they saw the numbers.

It’s not really relevant, as the way you find your numbers doesn’t usually pertain to the message. It would be like expecting the courier that delivers a package to dictate what is inside the package.

Sometimes it can be related to what the message is though.

For example, if your angels have a message about a potential job opportunity then the numbers could be found on something that relates to that job.

One person I know of had an opportunity to start a new accounting job but they were on the fence about it. They had left a calculator on their desk for an unrelated calculation they had needed earlier.

When they picked it up, they saw that 85 was on the screen, and this felt like a sign to them. Once they discovered the meaning of the number, they were sure.

It was interesting, as you certainly would associate a calculator with an accounting job. There were other places they saw the number, including randomly on an Excel spreadsheet.

This was an exception to what is normally the rule. That rule is that your angel numbers can appear just about anywhere.

Your angels will place your numbers in places that they are more sure you will be able to find and see them. There will be power attached to the numbers that draw your attention and aura.

If they can relate it to the contents of the message then they may do so, but you shouldn’t expect it each time. Instead, look out for the feeling of power you get when you see these special numbers.

Also remember that repetition is a powerful tool that your angels can use. When you start seeing a number everywhere, this is your angels trying to get your attention.

It could also denote a particularly powerful or urgent message for you.

It could be literally anywhere that numbers can appear around you, so be vigilant and keep your heart and mind open to the possibility of a new angel number.

You never know when your angels will choose to send you a new message, so being ready is more important than knowing exactly where to look.

My Final Comments on 85 Angel Number

A new season is looming over your life, and your angels want to make sure that it’s a positive one.

That is why they have sent you angel number 85, after all.

When you have this number in your life, try to follow the guidance and intuition that your angels send you.

They will try to help you to ensure that this new season is the positive one they want for you.

You have an assurance that it’s possible for you, so now you need to grasp this opportunity and make the most of it.

I’m sure that it will be an incredible new phase for your life if you follow this guidance!

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