803 Angel Number And Its Meaning

What does it mean when this number just keeps appearing…

As a psychic, when people come to me for guidance, I never like to give bad news.

Sometimes I do sense some negative energy that could signify that something bad is incoming, but sometimes I get to say that things are looking very positive.

This is also true when it comes to angel numbers, and I always prefer when I get to say that an angel number has a positive meaning attached to it.

This is the case with angel number 803, a number I have seen in a few of my consultations.

It’s an interesting number that tells you that something good could be coming up, so it will be my pleasure to show you how you can make the most of it.

What NOT To Do If You Keep Seeing 803

When you’re learning something, perhaps a new skill, you will be instructed in what you should do to best learn whatever it is that you want to do.

Often, it will be just as important to know what not to do as well. The same is true of angel numbers, as when it comes to knowing what to do, there are some things you should avoid as well.

Angel number 803 tells you that there is some kind of really fulfilling event or acquisition coming in your future, but I will cover that in more detail in the next step.

For now, I want to cover some things you should not do, even when it’s a positive angel number like this one.


Don’t rush into anything without thinking.

Later on, I’m going to talk about how you will be guided to what your angels want for you with a special feeling that you may not be able to describe.

However, while I would say that you need to investigate this feeling, it shouldn’t lead you to a rash decision.

The last thing you should do when making a decision is to do something that will come to bite you later. If you feel led to a certain decision, then you should think and meditate on it and see if you’re led by your angel’s guidance toward this decision.

Don’t assume that everything will be sorted out for you.

A big mistake I see when people get a positive angel number is assuming that everything will be done for them without any work on their part.

The guidance and blessing of your angels will be there to help you, not grant all of your wishes.

Don’t think of this blessing in terms of shallow wants.

You’ll soon see that this blessing involves something good and tangible in your life that could be coming soon.

However, this blessing, while something material, will not be something purely to fulfill a selfish or frivolous wish. Instead, it will be something that will be necessary to bring more fulfillment and peace to your soul.

Therefore, you should be led with this blessing to where it goes, not necessarily where you want it to go.

These are some of the things that I would recommend avoiding, but you need not overthink it either! It will be good to focus on the blessings and positives as well, and that is what I will be covering in the next step.

Is Angel Number 803 Unlucky?

This angel number is one that I would say is overwhelmingly positive. Therefore, the short answer to whether it is unlucky would be a strong no.

So that must make it a lucky number, right? Honesty, I wouldn’t really say that either.

Perhaps this sounds confusing or counterintuitive, so it might be easier to cover what this number is instead of what it isn’t.

We can do this by breaking it down to its individual digits and then seeing what each one tends to mean, both singularly and together with the other numbers.

8 is what I would call a prosperity number, as it tends to signify that there will be a more material blessing in the near future.

This could be anything from finances to some kind of tool or possession.

0 is a number that is a starting point, usually meaning that something new will be starting soon, and it speaks to spiritual balance as well.

Finally, 3 is a powerful number that is related to spiritual well-being and clarity. Putting these all together, we can see that there is some kind of material blessing related to a new beginning coming into your life.

As I touched on earlier, while this may be a more material blessing, it won’t be something frivolous.

Your angels want you to prosper, but the 3 in this number means that there will be some greater meaning to the blessing. If it’s monetary, then that won’t be there to spend on things that don’t matter or are a waste.

Instead, it should be toward something that will make your life more balanced, peaceful and fulfilled.

This will be the case no matter what form the blessing may take, as it will always be something that is going to be fulfilling for you. That brings it back to whether this number is lucky or unlucky.

While I would say it’s closer to being lucky, it wouldn’t be a word I would use, as it’s not a guaranteed thing that will happen.

It’s a time of fortune where something will be blessed into your life, but you need to follow that guidance from your angels to make it happen. If you did consider this to be lucky, I would have a hard time arguing against that.

However, I would definitively say that it could not be considered an unlucky number, as it does mean something positive for your life.

If anything, you should be happy and glad to see this number in your life, and in the next section I will cover how you can find these numbers.

Where To Find Your Numbers

One great privilege of my life is that I have a direct connection to my angels and to the spirit world. This allows me the opportunity to hear more directly from angels and interpret what things may mean.

However, for people who perhaps don’t have as direct a connection, angels will often use angel numbers as a more direct way of conveying a message.

I see angel numbers less now that I have strengthened my psychic connection, but I still do see them from time to time.

The question many have is where they can see angel numbers for themselves, and I wish I could give you a specific answer. The locations of your angel numbers will depend on your circumstances and your angels.

Your angels know you to your core, and they will want to place your messages in places you will be more likely to see them. You will more than likely spot your numbers in places where you would be looking at numbers naturally, so they could often appear on paper, digital screens or even in the environment around you.

The key here is repetition, as you should see this combination of numbers more than once. If you see them three times in a relatively short amount of time then that would be notable, but even twice would be something to catch your attention. People usually have a bit of a weird feeling when they see the numbers, almost like deja vu.

If you have an unexpected feeling you can’t describe, then be sure to take note of the numbers you have around you.

They should also just feel right. If you get that feeling, then it’s worthwhile to keep a lookout for the next few days and see if they pop up again.

Once you have determined that angel numbers are in your life, you can then do the work to decipher them, which you have started by reading this guide!

Just keep your eyes open, and more importantly, open yourself up to feeling the presence of special numbers in your life.

Again, your angels will always place them in places where you will encounter them, so it will be up to you to be perceptive and spot them when they appear.

My Final Comments on Angel Number 803

If you have seen angel number 803 around you, then you should be feeling very happy, as something good is coming your way!

Now that you have made it through this guide, you know that there are some things that you should avoid and other things that you should try to do.

If you follow all of these steps, then you will make the most of this incredible blessing coming your way.

I am so excited for you to receive this blessing from your angels and bring some more light and happiness to your life, and I know you will use it to enrich your life and the lives of those around you!

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