The Queen of Cups Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

The Queen of Cups Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

Sensitivity, gentleness and affection are just some of the positives attributed to the Queen of Cups.

In a general context, this card represents a female or group of females in one’s life who are supportive, nurturing, altruistic souls bent on guiding you towards accepting and deferring to your better self and instincts.

For men, finding the Queen of Cups in a spread is a reminder of the importance of being true to oneself and the emotional side of your character.

  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Neptune
  • Astrological sign: Cancer
  • Key dates: June 21 to July 20
queen of cups

intuition and nurturing

Visual Elements and Symbolism

In the Rider-Waite deck, the Queen of Cups tarot card depicts a Queen sitting on her throne directly beside the ocean, her feet not quite touching the salt water, a setting that represents her contemplating her innermost feelings from the outside. Her proximity to the water infers her emotional connection to the sea.

Water traditionally symbolizes the subconscious mind and inner self, so having the queen’s position so close to the shore indicates that her heart lies somewhere between land and sea, where the subconscious and analytical minds come together and form a whole.

She holds a large golden chalice with angel-shaped handles in her hands, symbolizing her spirituality. Unlike all the other chalices in the Cups suit, however, this particular cup is closed, inferring that the thoughts arising from our subconscious minds are encountering resistance, as manifested by the sealed cup.

The Queen sits alone, almost as in meditation, her serenity reflected by the calmness of the sea and clear blue sky, another metaphor for the uncluttered thought patterns she is experiencing down by the water.

The Queen of Cups as a Person

In this context the Queen of Cups represents a mature female who is gentle, loving, and supportive — the kind of person who is always there for you when you need them. Many people also see this reflected in angel number 222.

Queen of Cups people tend to be good listeners, which is partially the result of their innate kindness, natural empathy, and genuine interest they share in the lives and well-being of others.

Some Queen of Cups people tend to be a little more shy than is good for them, while others are far more insecure about their considerable creative abilities than they need to be, a condition common to many artists but amplified to the extreme in this case. They appreciate art almost as much as they enjoy creating it and in general tend to be happy, charismatic people.

queen of cups illustration
Queen of Cups — Jessica Ward


The Queen of Cups Upright

Sensitivity, art, and affection are typically associated with the Queen of Cups. When she appears in a spread, particularly for men, it should be taken as a gentle reminder that you need to get back in touch with your inner self, something you tend to forget about more often than is good for you.

This is definitely a positive card in that it so strongly denotes femininity, love, emotional bonding and nurturing. She could be the literal representation of a woman in your life, or hinting at the current state of your emotions.

Love and Relationships

It’s hard to find a more welcome card in a love reading than the Queen of Cups. If you’re in a relationship it can be interpreted as a clear sign your partner is falling deeper in love with you with every passing day. You too are deeply in love and the bonds you share will remain strong well into the future.

Both you and your partner feel perfectly at ease with one another, and never lie or try to manipulate the other. Rather, your relationship is built on trust, compromise, and mutual respect.

The Queen of Cups is as good — or even better — card to have in a spread if you’re single. You are magnetic right now, and even though you may not fully realize it yet, people are falling all over themselves just to get a little closer to you. You certainly needn’t worry about sleeping alone as there are plenty of people hoping to get intimate with you.


In a career reading, drawing the Queen of Cups card signifies that your current position at the office is quietly evolving into your potential dream job. However, you’ll need to muster up every last ounce of your resilience if you’re going to succeed in meeting the very real challenges this job presents.

You’re looking at major changes in your life now. If you can roll with them you will emerge from it all as a happier, significantly wealthier person.


Expect good news to follow when the Queen of Cups appears in your financial spread. If you’re suffering money woes, take this as a sign that you’re due for a rebound and will soon be financially comfortable again.

If you feel you could benefit from a personal loan, then this is a good time to apply for one. Not only will your loan be accepted, but the way you use these funds will be paramount to your well-being over the next few years. Do all your research and invest wisely.


Not always a great card to find in a health reading, The Queen of Cups might be telling you that a loved one is ill and will soon turn to you for care, comfort, and possibly financial support.

Similarly, an exact opposite scenario might be what plays out and you will be the one reaching out for support, in which case you will be well taken care of. If you are ill at the moment, be patient, take good care of yourself and allow enough time to properly heal.

queen of cups reversed
Queen of Cups Reversed — Matthew Spencer


The Queen of Cups Reversed

The Queen of Cups reversed typically indicates a distinct lack of emotional maturity, suggesting that you’re feeling insecure, sorry for yourself, and trying very hard to avoid slipping back into clinical depression.

You need to start catching yourself if you’re feeling jealous or spiteful just because something didn’t go your way. Instead, find the strength within you and rise to the occasion. Don’t be a baby.

Love and Relationships

If you are in a relationship you need to pay attention to your often irrational insecurities before you wind up driving your lover away — not just when they manifest as jealousy, but also when you’re being overly clingy or needy. The best way to make your partner happy is by simply relaxing and being yourself with them. In other words, stop being so manic.

If your single, be wary of who you see romantically right now. You could be more vulnerable emotionally than usual and this might attract predators and other unsavory types who will be keen to exploit any perceived weaknesses.


A few of your work colleagues have unknowingly been causing you more stress than is healthy lately. You’ve been taking all that stress home with you, jeopardizing the harmony of your home life. You need to detach yourself emotionally from your job as best you can, and limit your contact with your stress-inducing colleagues to the bare essentials.


So far as finances are concerned, the Queen of Cups reversed is not a good omen. It indicates you’ve been having money woes of late and it will be awhile yet before the situation improves.

Be very selective about the people you do business with and watch your money closely. You are more vulnerable to fraud and con artists than usual at this time.


You have been overextending yourself and not getting proper rest for far too long and it’s now catching up with your health. You need to step back, forget about the stress of your daily routine and start looking after yourself.

Start up an exercise plan, eat properly and at regular intervals, and strive to arrange a healthier work/home life balance.

Queen of cups illustration-2
Queen of Cups — Marco Proietto


Your Past, Present, and Future

In the past position, the Queen of Cups indicates that you have balanced most aspects of your being and this is serving you well. The success you yearn for will come as you continue on your current path.

In the present position, this card means that a strong, important female will influence, challenge and inspire you. She will lead you closer to the inner wisdom you continue to seek.

In the future position, the Queen of Cups is telling you to turn to your loved ones for help if it’s needed. You will only benefit from absorbing all that feminine wisdom which surrounds you.

Important Card Combinations

While it may be the 13th card in the Cups suit, the number 13 isn’t to be taken as a negative in this context. Rather, the Queen of Cups is a highly positive, welcome card in almost any spread.

Queen of Cups and Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles represents hard work and dependability. This pairing suggests that a positive career change is imminent.

Queen of Cups and Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is the ultimate symbol of partnership. When combined with the Queen of Cups, it can represent two people who are deeply in love.

Queen of Cups and Eight of Swords

Financial worries or concerns are implied when the Eight of Swords, which represents insecurity and self-limitation, is paired with the Queen of Cups.

Queen of Cups and Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands symbolizes the burden of great responsibilities. This pairing suggests procrastination or delay.

Queen of Cups and Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is the ultimate symbol of chance and good fortune. This combination indicates that you are moving towards financial independence.

Queen of Cups: Yes or No?

As with the King of Cups, in this respect the appearance of the Queen is neither positive or negative, hence there is no definitive yes or no answer.

queen of cups collage
Queen of Cups — Ziem Thene
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