suit of swords
suit of swords

The Suit of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

The Suit of Swords is largely associated with the conscious intellect, objective truth, and one’s perception of events as guided through a logical rather than emotional lens.

A reading dominated by Swords cards implies that important decisions are in order — deep, longstanding personal struggles are currently compromising one’s ability to find happiness and contentment.

In certain cases, a reading rich in cards from the Suit of Swords may even indicate that violent conflict lurks around the corner, serving as a warning to be tuned in to one’s immediate surroundings and prepared to take action.

Swords can also indicate that serious danger or disappointment is on the horizon, be it illness, war, death, or profound sorrow resulting from romantic loss or the passing of a parent, child, or sibling.

On a more positive note, Swords cards bring attention to unpleasant truths that need to be confronted — because of their strong connection to honesty and truth, Swords cards in the upright position are often associated with justice and fairness. Reversed, they typically represent ruthlessness, deception, and confusion.

Element and Season

The Suit of Swords is associated with the autumn season and the element of air.

Air is constantly in motion — it’s powerful yet forever unseen and intangible, manifesting as a cool, refreshing breeze on a hot summer day, or alternately as a violent wind storm destroying everything in its path.

Swords can also be double-edged, further emphasizing the balance between positive and negative energies inherent to this Suit.

Ace of Swords

ace of swords illustration
Ace of Swords — Laura Middleton

The Ace of Swords urges you to align your goals after an extended period of aimless wandering. Your newfound awareness will allow you to flourish in future romantic and professional endeavors.

Two of Swords

two of swords illustration
Two of Swords — Laura Middleton

The Two of Swords represents a balance of forces, both negative and positive. Your ability to navigate through emotional turmoil — inner conflict as well as conflict with others — will ultimately dictate whether the outcome for you is good or bad.

Three of Swords

Alexander Berdin-Lazursky
Three of Swords — Alexander Berdin-Lazursky

The Three of Swords suggests there is severe pain in your life right now, possibly the result of a conflict in your career, a breakup with your partner, or simply a string of unfortunate events.

Four of Swords

four of swords illustration
Four of Swords — Sara Kipin

The Four of Swords represents order and stability, combined with the tumultuous nature of the Swords. The double-edged sword allows you to pick your fate — as long as you listen to your mind and body when a moment of respite is needed.

Five of Swords

five of swords illustration
Five of Swords – Laura Middleton

The Five of Swords card represents a deep-rooted conflict in your life. This tension is most likely brought on by your tendency to blame others for your own failures.

Six of Swords

six of swords painting
Six of Swords — Sarah Danielle Mitchell

The Six of Swords is a card of transition. This Minor Arcana usually indicates moving towards something better and more fulfilling after closing a dark or difficult chapter.

Seven of Swords

seven of swords -- janice singley
Seven of Swords — Janice Singley

The Seven of Swords can be ambiguous in a reading, suggesting that someone around you is being disloyal or that you should free yourself from a bad relationship.

Eight of Swords

eight of swords illustration
Eight of Swords — Sara Kipin

The Eight of Swords represents insecurity and the propensity to limit one’s self. It warns that a simple task may appear overwhelmingly difficult to you.

Nine of Swords

nine of swords illustration
Nine of Swords — Elizabeth Abernathy

The Nine of Swords is one of the worst cards to find in a spread. Representing guilt, depression, and mental anguish, this card, also known as the Lord of Cruelty, forebodes internal struggle and difficult times ahead.

Ten of Swords

ten of swords illustration
Ten of Swords — Fern Bautista

The Ten of Swords is a shocking draw, depicting death, loss, and renewal. While it may be frightening in a reading, remember that endings — even unexpected ones — bring with them hope and new opportunity.

Page of Swords

page of swords illustration
Page of Swords — Marco Proietto

The Page of Swords card is a sign of diplomacy and energy. It represents a wealth of mental energy best expended by following your curiosities to the rich answers they’ll inevitably lead you to.

Knight of Swords

knight of swords
Knight of Swords — Wolfe Erikson

The Knight of Swords is a sign that bravery and action are needed. Being able to compromise can be a useful skill in certain circumstances, but now is the time to hold fast to your opinions and fight for what you believe in.

Queen of Swords

queen of swords
Queen of Swords — Kyndall Dyer

The Queen of Swords is a pillar of rational thought, independence, and intelligence. She represents personal development and the road towards a mastery of emotions and impartiality.

King of Swords

king of swords illustration
King of Swords — Ben Kennan

The King of Swords calls for a head-over-heart approach, representing intellectual clarity, strength, and discipline. You need to face all upcoming challenges with steadfast determination.