102 Angel Number and Its Meaning

Embrace the immense power of this special number.

Have you ever seen those strange illusion puzzles that look like a mess of colors and shapes until you look at them in just the right way?

It takes being at the right angle and looking in the correct way to see the image.

It can be frustrating when you try one angle and it doesn’t work out no matter how hard you try.

Life can be like that too, as you try something that feels like it should be working but doesn’t pay off no matter what you try.

Angel number 102 is a sign from your angels that you may need to approach your problems and goals in another way.

Your angels also want to help you, and I want to show you how you can interpret this blessing.

Is 102 Angel Number Unlucky?

You may be surprised by what some people to be considered unlucky. I have known of people that considered not being picked for a promotion at work as unlucky.

We throw around words such as lucky and unlucky a lot, and most of the time we are not really talking about luck as a spiritual thing.

If you’re trying to win a stuffed animal in a claw machine and it drops right before you reach the end, your date may say:

“Oh, that’s so unlucky!”

That would be an unlucky incident, if you look at luck in terms of being either good or bad.

You could make a case for that being unlucky, as it was something bad that happened regardless of your level of skill.

However, I’m less inclined to say that anything involving angel numbers is lucky. I would certainly not say that angel number 102 is lucky.

That may sound bad, and you may think that it must mean it’s unlucky if it’s not lucky. It wouldn’t be a correct assumption though, as I wouldn’t say it’s unlucky either.

102 is a number about perspective and tackling things from a different perspective and angle. When something isn’t working the way you want it to, changes both big and small can be needed.

So, if you follow the guidance of angel number 102, you may find that good things start to happen for you. In that regard, it may feel like a lucky number for you.

It’s not really lucky in a spiritual sense though, as it’s not random good things happening to you.

Instead, it’s you succeeding because you have tried something new and taken a different approach to it.

You have made it work thanks to your work, and you just needed a bit of a push to try something new that you hadn’t thought of.

There will still be work needed for you to achieve these things though, so you’ll be manifesting success through your own skills, work and direction.

That’s why I wouldn’t recommend looking at it as a lucky or an unlucky number, as it takes away from the accomplishments that you will gain because of what you were capable of all along.

Your mindset makes a big difference, so keep that in mind as you embark on this spiritual journey.

The Spiritual Aspect Of 102 Angel Number

We have seen why it would be best to avoid looking at angel number 102 as a lucky number, and that is because this is a number about unlocking something within you instead of manifesting something new.

At the beginning of this guide, I used the example of one of those 3D visual illusions that you can look at and how you need to try a different angle to get the full effect.

A big problem I have is that when something doesn’t work properly, I stubbornly try to keep at the way I was trying to overcome the problem with the same method.

With each attempt, I feel like it will work and I have to take a moment to be firm with myself and see that it’s not working.

I have been associated with the phrase “As stubborn as a mule” a few times in my life!

A few years ago I bought a new sofa and had a few friends over to help me get it into my apartment.

The doorway was a bit too small for use to get it through, but I kept insisting that we needed to jam it in a certain way.

My friend wisely suggested that we turn it over a bit and try a different way, but I kept insisting that it would work. Of course, when we tried her suggestion it worked instantly.

Sometimes, even a small change can make all the difference, and it can require you to surrender your ego and admit that you may not have the right answer at hand.

It’s also worth remembering that it’s okay to ask for help when someone else knows more than you do about the problem that you’re facing.

Again, it’s about ego and letting it go so that you can achieve what it is that you need to accomplish. Then, you can make the changes that are needed to get it done.

It’s as simple as that many times, and you can make the changes with the help of your angels guiding you. Your angels want you to have the right mindset for success, after all.

That’s what they’re guiding you towards, and they want you to have a happy and fulfilling life. In the final step, we will look at some of the ways you can practically apply this blessing.

What Are Your Angels Trying To Say?

So far, we have seen that this number is about changing your mindset which will lead to you changing your approach to various problems and goals that you have.

How should you practically apply it to your life, though? I would say that the work associated with this number should start from within yourself.

Your mindset needs to change and you need to admit when something isn’t working within yourself. This is actually something that I had presented to myself in a spiritual sense.

Earlier I mentioned that I was a very stubborn person unwilling to change and adapt. It can be an amusing sight to behold, but it can also become a bit of a problem.

It has really prevented me from growing and becoming a better version of myself, and that has prevented me from achieving some things in my life.

One day a few years ago, I was having my daily morning meditation session. My angels spoke to me in the silence, and I felt something deep within my soul.

They told me that my stubbornness was something within me that needed to change and that my angels were blessing me with guidance to overcome this challenge.

It was a revelation, as I had never seen it as such a problem before, but the more I looked at it the more I could see that it was becoming an issue in a personal issue I was dealing with at the time.

By changing my perspective and my ideas, I was able to get past this block and solve the issue I was having.

Every time I felt that stubbornness rearing its head, I stepped back and became aware of this feeling.

I would force myself to not let it overtake me, and I would remind myself not to be so silly about the situation.

This would allow me to do whatever was necessary for me to overcome the problem in front of me.

You can do the same thing, as it begins with your attitude. If you can acknowledge that you are dealing with something in a way that is not productive, take a step back.

If your ego is preventing you from trying something new or you don’t like to try something you haven’t done before, ask yourself whether you’re creating an artificial limitation for yourself.

You can apply this to any problem, situation or goal that you have for yourself in life, and then you can do whatever it takes to get to where you need to be.

My Final Comments on 102 Angel Number

Admitting that you’re being stubborn and not changing your views and methods in a useful way is not always an easy thing to do. It can mean admitting that you’re wrong, and no one likes that.

Your angels have sent you angel number 102 to show you that you have it within you to approach life from a different angle.

You can achieve the things you want by changing your attitude and approaching it differently.

If you embrace the blessing, then you will find that your angels are also guiding you forward to a destination that will definitely be the best outcome for your life!

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