201 Angel Number and Its Meaning

This powerful number has a message for you…

When your angels send you an angel number blessing, they’re telling you that they want to help you to accomplish or overcome something in particular.

While they want to help you in any way that you can, in the end you need to rely on yourself and your abilities in order to get through the many trials of life.

You can also rely on others around you, and when you pair this with your angelic guidance you can get through anything. This is what your angels want to help you with by sending angel number 201.

After learning from this message, you will have a much better idea of how to get through the toughest challenges life throws your way, and I want to show you how.

Your Angels Are Sending You A Message With 201

The things that we need to accomplish something, no matter what it is, can be separated into two main categories.

1: The things in our control.

2: The things outside of our control.

A friend of mine in another country was applying for a VISA last year, and it’s interesting because she encountered both categories.

Applying for the VISA was such a big process that she hired someone to help her with it.

She had to gather all sorts of documents and evidence to prove various things to the embassy. Eventually, she had all of her documents and submitted them.

It was very stressful for her, as no matter what she did, the decision came down to the discretion of the person who would eventually review her documents.

That was the part that was out of her control, as she could have no sway over that person. However, there were aspects that she could control.

She gathered every possible document she could think of and that made her case as strong as possible.

While ultimately the control wasn’t in her hands, she was able to control a portion of the process.

Luckily, her VISA was approved in the end, and I’m sure it was because she had done so much work to take control over her situation.

This is a very specific example, sure, but it can apply to almost any problem you face that feels out of your control.

Your angels are sending you angel number 201 to show you that there are ways you can take back some control over your problems.

It could be finding some inner strength within yourself, asking help from the right person or more practical steps that can be taken, such as when my friend was gathering documents for her VISA.

When you receive this number, you know that there is a way to get through the problems you’re facing, but you may need to try something new as well.

If you try the same angles and methods over and over again to no avail, then something clearly isn’t working and you need to give something else a try.

Your angels want to help you to see how you can do that, if you’ll just let them show you and you’re willing to take steps down an unbeaten path.

Is 201 A Sign Of Good Luck?

I was recently watching the film The Dark Knight the other day, and I was struck by a line said by one of the characters in the movie.

District attorney Harvey Dent likes to use a flip of a coin to supposedly make decisions, but it turns out the coin has two heads.

He says this line a few times in the film:

“I make my own luck.”

It may seem strange to fixate on this one aspect from a Batman movie, but it struck me how much this character trait is applicable to real life.

People often want to know whether an angel number is lucky or not.

However, much like Harvey, you can make your own luck. Or, you can influence your luck a lot more than you think.

In the film, he creates an illusion of luck when he actually controls the outcome. You may be wondering whether angel number 201 is lucky or not, but it isn’t really important.

You need to be like Harvey and try to influence the events around you as much as you can.

When you have 201 in your life, it’s about manifesting the things you want through the things you have control over.

There are elements of luck in life, but I don’t really look at it as a spiritual thing. There is chaos in the universe and we are constantly trying to control it.

You can only control such chaos for so long though, so you need to do small things that can make a big difference.

If you’re caught in a snowstorm while lost in a forest, making a small shelter can mean the difference between life and death.

You’re ultimately small compared to the immense forces and power of nature, but you can do something small to take back some of that control.

When you have 201 in your life, try not to be too bogged down by whether it’s lucky or not. Instead, see it as an opportunity to create some order in a world of chaos.

Try to see how you can make your own choices and take back as much control as you can. Some things will be out of your control, but there’s nothing you can do about that.

You can focus and worry about the things you have an impact over, and that’s what you should focus on. In the end, luck has nothing to do with it.

Keep Seeing 201? Read This Carefully…

There’s a saying that pride comes before a fall, and if you ask me, it’s not encompassing enough as an idea. I actually believe that pride comes before many failings in life.

It’s like that classic idea that dads hate to ask for directions when lost on a road trip. They would rather stay lost than admit that they need help from someone.

You see examples of this in many aspects of life. If you are ruled by pride, then you likely have a hard time asking for or accepting help.

This is actually an aspect of angel number 201. Your angels are telling you that it’s okay to ask for help if you need it.

Perhaps there is something you have been struggling with on your own.

Whatever it may be, your angels have seen that you are shouldering this burden when you don’t really need to do it on your own.

What can be done about it though? There is almost always someone who will help you if you ask.

Sometimes when I gave psychic consultations in the past, people would feel like they were at the end of their tether. I would of course suggest the most common forms of help in life.

I would suggest they seek the help of friends, family or colleagues. Sometimes, they would tell me that there was literally no one that they could use for help.

I consider myself very fortunate to have friends and family that I can rely on when I’m in a bind. If you are in the same situation, then I hope you’re thankful for it every day as well.

If you feel like you have no one to turn to, then I want you to know that it’s not hopeless. I’m not just saying this as an empty platitude either.

I know this because your angels have sent you 201, and this means that there is help available for you to ask for. You just may need to think outside of the box a bit.

If you still feel lost, then I recommend that you make some more quiet time in your life to confer with your angels. They want to help you and to guide you, and they can point you in the direction of help.

It’s never too late for help to arrive, but when you have it available make sure that you don’t restrict yourself with pride. It’s okay and necessary to ask for help sometimes!

My Final Comments on 201 Angel Number

When we go through something tough in life, it’s sometimes hard to know where to turn. However, you have help available to you, as your angels have sent you angel number 201.

Your angels want you to know that you can make it through whatever it is that you’re going through.

Whether you need to draw from your inner strength or from the strength of others, you have a way through.

This is also a good time for you to make your connection to your angels stronger so that you can allow them to show you the way forward through this tough situation you find yourself in.

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