210 Angel Number And Its Meaning

Make sure you know the full power of this number…

Adding new things to your life can be immensely rewarding and help to make life happier and more interesting. However, sometimes things need to be removed from your life to bring about that happiness.

Angel number 210 is a sign from your angels that a shakeup in your life may be needed. You need to get rid of things and even people who are casting a dark light on your energy and progress.

This can sometimes involve spending less time or energy on these things or by removing them entirely. I wanted to make this guide to this number for anyone who found this number in their life.

Is 210 Angel Number Unlucky?

Making difficult decisions is, well, difficult to do. No one wants to make choices that may end badly or perhaps hurt someone else.

Most of us like to go through life with as few hassles as possible, and for some people avoiding making tough choices is preferable, even if it makes your life worse.

Angel number 210 is a sign from your angels that you can’t hide from these choices forever. You may not like it, but there may be some changes that you need to make in your life.

Sometimes we can have people in our lives who start to drag us down. My sister had this friend in college with whom she was inseparable.

Her friend was quite the party animal, and she and my sister had some wild times together. For that part of her life, it was okay to have this person in her life.

However, when they graduated, my sister became very focused on her career, and soon she met the man she would marry. She tried to keep in touch with this friend, but her friend didn’t grow up as fast as she did.

This friend still wanted to party all the time, and my sister just wasn’t into that anymore. Soon, she had to make the tough choice to distance herself from this friend, as she was starting to drag her down.

Some people and even situations are okay for a phase in your life, but when that phase ends you need to see whether these things are still a good fit for you.

You may see this message of 210 as a negative one, a sign of you needing to let go of things that you are used to in your life. However, you can think of these things as anchors tied to a boat.

As long as these anchors are secured, the boat will drag them along, moving slower than it should be. It could be so heavy that the boat never reaches its destination.

When things in your life have become dead-weight, sometimes you need to cut the cord and leave the anchors behind. It may seem harsh or cold, but you need to do the best thing for your life.

If the anchors aren’t willing to learn to float and sail with you, then they’re just going to slow you down.

Don’t look at it as bad luck, but rather as a reminder that you sometimes need to let things go in order to move forward.

Your Angels Are Sending You A Message With 210

When you see 210 around you, it’s good to look at the things that are surrounding you in life. If you can’t find any worth or reason to keep something there, then why are you holding onto it?

As a kid, I received an old doll from a relative who was getting rid of some stuff. It had seen better days, and it had scraggly blonde, curly hair and one eye that refused to stay open.

Truth be told, this doll kind of looked like it had fallen off the screen of a horror movie. My sister used to be scared of it, and I can’t say I blame her!

However, I loved this doll, played with it a lot and treated it like a friend. Naturally, as one does, I grew older and my attachment to the doll became less about my ‘friendship’ and more about nostalgia.

It reminded me of good times, sure, but with each year the doll deteriorated more, which didn’t help make it less scary. The doll was also pretty big, taking up a lot of space in my first apartment and then my first home.

One day when my partner and I were downsizing, we came across the doll. He asked me if I was okay to get rid of the old thing, and my first instinct was to say no.

But when I thought about it, why was I holding onto it? Sure it brought back memories, but those memories would be in my head regardless, and it was just taking up space.

It felt bad putting it in a black bag at first, but it didn’t take long for me to realize it was the right thing to do, and I could fill that space with something new.

There are so many things in our lives like that doll. We keep and hold onto them because of the memories attached, or we feel an obligation.

However, things in your life should serve a purpose, and if there is no purpose then why hold onto it? Not only can some things serve no purpose, but they can also drag you down.

This can be clutter in your home but also in your life, and you don’t have to stand by people who drag you down and offer nothing positive for your life.

Keep Seeing 210? Read This Carefully…

When you see angel number 210, your angels have seen the things in your life that are holding you back. They will have some specific things in mind, and you will likely have felt it too.

It’s not always easy to let go, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be an absolute. You can phase things out of your life so that they’re not dominating it.

My sister’s friend expected her to party with and hang out with her every single weekend. Instead, my sister gradually worked it down to hanging out with her once a month or so.

That way she didn’t have to cut her out entirely, but she could focus on moving on. That did gradually result in them seeing each other less and less, until it died out entirely.

Something I didn’t mention earlier is that it didn’t last forever. About 5 years later, they happened to meet again thanks to a mutual friend, and they started hanging out again.

The friend had grown a lot in that time, and served as a much better fit for my sister’s life. They had been estranged for a while, but to this day they are closer than ever.

Removing something or someone from your life doesn’t have to be a permanent goodbye. Sometimes you need some space from something, only for it to come back later.

Of course, sometimes things do need to leave your life forever. When you see this number, try to see where your angels are leading you.

Follow your heart and look for the things that feel like anchors dragging behind you. Also, look out for situations, things and people that bring a dark energy to your life.

You should strive to fill your life with things and people who uplift and bring positivity to your life. These are where you should be directing your own energy and attention.

Learning when to let go is important in life. I have spoken of things and people, but it can also be emotions you hold.

If you have anger, hatred, resentment or jealousy toward people in your life, maybe it’s time to let it go. These can be a poison to your energy, and it’s a poison that only hurts you.

Negative emotions can be justified, but if you’re holding on to them and can’t even remember why, then it may be time to cut them loose and sail to brighter waters.

My Final Comments on 210 Angel Number

Letting go isn’t always easy, but I hope you are encouraged after reading this guide. Angel number 210 is about leaving behind the things that are dragging you down.

We should all focus on the things that bring us happiness, light and joy. We all need to deal with things that drag us down from time to time, but we have more control over some of these things than you may think.

When you make a choice to keep something like that in your life, you are tying the rope around your own ankle.

Try to figure out why you’re holding onto things, and if you can’t think of it, then maybe it’s time to just let it go.

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