955 Angel Number And Its Meaning

See what this power number will do for your life…

With so many roads and paths to take in life, one can wish they had a map that could be followed to make sure they take the eight ones.

We have to make many decisions based on limited facts and intuition, and it’s not always the case that we get some guidance.

Angel number 955 functions as something of a heads-up that a big decision is coming up.

You can use this to prepare to make the right call while following the guidance of your angels as well.

What NOT To Do If You Keep Seeing 955

In my time as a psychic, I have seen angel number 955 show up a handful of times for people to whom I have offered counsel and advice. In these cases, I have witnessed two parts of this message.

One is that it is a message from your angels telling you that a big decision is coming up in your life and that you need to prepare for it. The second aspect of this blessing is an assurance of guidance from your angels

This is where it can get tricky, as once you have seen this number, you will need to try and anticipate the possible decisions that will come your way.

Perhaps the main thing to avoid in this instance is indecision. You can’t just turn a blind eye and keep traveling the same paths if you want to make the most of this blessing.

I can remember a few years ago when a client of mine had seen this number around him. It didn’t take long for him to discover the decision that would be coming his way.

He had been in a long-term relationship, and he was suddenly offered a new job across the country. His partner was not able to relocate, and due to a bad past experience she wasn’t willing to do long distance.

Essentially, he had to choose between his partner and this new job opportunity. In the lead-up, he would later say that his intuition and feelings were pointing him toward staying with his partner.

He ignored these feelings, instead opting to go with the logic of the situation and assuming things would still work out. Sadly, this would not be the case, as his partner did leave him.

Not only that, but the new position only lasted around 6 months due to the company going under. By that time, his partner had moved on, and his poor decision had resulted in him losing a lot.

He doesn’t mind this story being recounted, as things did work out for him after a while. The lesson of his story is not only not to ignore the message but also to listen when you feel that guidance.

Some may call it going with their gut, but I prefer to look at it as going with the divine influence around you. The warning of this decision is one part of it, remember.

Your angels want the best outcome for you and will try to influence you in the right way, but they won’t force you to make these decisions, as ultimately you have the final say in the choices you make.

Is Angel Number 955 Unlucky?

Saying whether this angel number is lucky or not can be easier said than done in my experience.

That is because it can sometimes not be entirely clear whether it is a positive or a negative message.

In the case of the client I mentioned before, it may have seemed at first that it was a negative and therefore unlucky number to receive. However, later down the line it would have turned out that a different decision would have been positive.

In fact, the decision he was being led to would have likely turned out much better for him, and then it would have seemed like a positive number.

The prospect of a big decision can also be intimidating for people who don’t like big changes in their life. In that case, the mere prospect of a big decision may feel unlucky for the person who receives it.

However, I would encourage you not to look at it as an unlucky number. Remember that your angels want you to be happy and prosperous ideally.

The reason they are showing you that this decision is coming up is that they want you to make the decision that will end in happiness for you. Therefore, if you follow this guidance then there is no reason why it should turn out badly for you.

As I mentioned before, it still ultimately comes down to you when it comes to the decisions you make. Your angels have seen the various paths you can take and they want you to take the right ones.

They don’t want to force you to do anything, as you ultimately have free will to make your own decisions. Ultimately, they do want to try and guide you down the best path for you.

When you feel that intuition and guidance, try to take some time to analyze what is being shown to you. You can start building a picture of the decision you will soon be making, and then you will have a better idea of the path your angels want for you.

If you do these things, then there is no reason why this number should turn out to be unlucky for you.

In fact, if you follow the guidance provided to you then this may turn out to be a turn of events that you will see as lucky and positive.

Where To Look For Your Numbers

If I were to ask every person reading this to tell me where they saw the numbers that led them to seek out this guide, I would likely get many different answers.

Whenever I speak to people about angel numbers, while there are a few common places to find them it can vary widely.

I remember one client of mine who saw her numbers at an airport boarding gate, on the container of her inflight meal and then in a film she watched on the plane.

Sometimes the sightings of your angel numbers can be fairly close together like that, and other times they can be more spread out. You can’t really know which it will be, so you need to keep an eye out.

The timeframe in which you see the numbers can depend on the intensity of the message and the blessing. It could also depend on other factors as well.

With so many variables, you may be worried about missing out on the message of your angels, but this can be fairly easily avoided. Instead of worrying about where to look, I would instead focus on how to look.

I’ve spoken about intuition and following feelings in this guide, and this can be applied to finding your angel numbers as well. Remember that your angels want you to find your number.

They don’t want you to miss them as much as you don’t want to miss them. So, they will make them as obvious as possible.

However, much as I said that they won’t force your hand in regard to decisions they want you to make, they also won’t force you to find and interpret your numbers.

They will present them to you in a noticeable way and attach a feeling to them, but you need to take the initiative to note them and look out for repeats of these numbers.

This is certainly more important than knowing the right places to look, as you can never predict where those places will be. Of course, you will see the numbers in places where numbers would naturally occur.

Whenever you’re dealing with numbers, look out for an odd feeling that draws you to certain number combinations. If you feel that draw, focus on them and note them down in order to look out for more instances.

Once you have seen these numbers more than once, you will likely start to feel the power of the numbers. Then you can do the work needed to figure out the message being sent your way!

My Final Comments on 955 Angel Number

A big decision in life is usually a daunting prospect. When it comes to your life, you may lament that this had been placed in your path, wishing things could have just stayed the same.

You needn’t worry though, as angel number 955 tells you that this is part of a plan for your life. Following this plan is what your angels want for you, and they will guide you as best they can.

Try your best to follow this guidance and make the right calls, and it will turn out to be a blessing in the end!

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