107 Angel Number and Its Meaning

Find out why this number will be so significant…

On your life journey, you need to be balanced in all aspects of your life. You need to have peace in your mind, body and spirit while working on all of these things constantly.

When you focus on staying healthy in all of these regards, you can then work on finding your true path to happiness. This is a part of the lesson your angels want you to learn with angel number 107.

They also want to bless you with guidance to find your way to greater prosperity and happiness, and it’s yours for the taking!

I am writing this guide to show you how to really take advantage of this blessing, so let’s find out how it’s easier than you think.

Your Angels Are Sending You a Message With 107

Your angels want you to be safe in your life, and they will always guide you down the paths in life that will lead you to safety and comfort. However, they also want you to be happy and fulfilled!

It can be easy to be so focused on surviving each day that we neglect our happiness and fulfillment, seeing these as luxuries that don’t need to take precedence in life.

Your happiness is more important than you think though, and your angels dearly want you to find it. Happiness isn’t just about feeling good, and it goes way deeper than that.

Your happiness is tied closely to your spiritual energy, and that is what your angels will be influenced by the most.

When they send you angel number 107, they want you to find it within yourself to be happy.

You can’t be happy until you give yourself permission to be. Once you decide that you’re ready and deserving of happiness, you can let go of your previous restrictions that you set for yourself.

Once this attitude shift has happened, you can focus on the balance needed within yourself to have happiness in your life.

Your mind, body and your soul need to be in tandem for you to find happiness.

This can’t be a passive process for you, and you need to actively work on finding your happiness as well as the state that you need to be in to do so.

You won’t be doing this alone though, and the presence of angel number 107 is proof of this! The very fact that you have this number in your life shows you that your angels want to guide you.

They want more happiness for you, because that means that your spiritual health will be a lot brighter.

Your angels really want to have a closer relationship with you, and the better your spiritual health, the better this relationship can be.

So don’t be ashamed to prioritize your own happiness, because your angels want you to.

Sometimes we feel that we need to focus more on the happiness of others or focus on more “important” things.

That’s something I will cover in more detail shortly, but for now you should know that your angels have given you the go-ahead to focus on your own happiness!

Never Do This If You Keep Seeing 107

I wanted to expand on something that I touched on earlier, and that’s feeling like you don’t deserve happiness.

Many times in my life, I have spoken to people that think that happiness needs to be abandoned after a certain point.

Some feel that once you have a career or a family depending on you, prioritizing happiness is something that you just can’t do. Now, to a point I can understand this reasoning.

I can’t even say that I disagree with it entirely, as sometimes you do need to shift your priorities.

If you have a baby, for example, it’s true that for a while you do need to put the baby before you in most ways.

Even when the child gets older, you probably will have to put some of your dreams and hobbies on the backburner. However, this doesn’t mean that you can never have happiness again.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t ever prioritize your happiness, either. Other people also feel like they don’t deserve happiness.

I spoke to one fellow who came to me for psychic consultations years ago, and he was a particularly tortured soul. He had overcome a lot of negative emotions like anger and jealousy.

It was an ongoing battle that he took on after his wife gave him an ultimatum: work on this anger and seek therapy or she would leave him.

He made such strides after this wake-up call, and he not only started with therapy but also started meeting with me to get his spiritual side in order as well.

His journey took years, but even when he made a lot of progress he felt that he didn’t deserve to be happy.

After the pain he had caused, he felt like the price he had to pay was never focusing on his happiness again.

I told him what I’m telling you: your angels don’t want you to punish yourself for your past. As long as you are working on bettering yourself, you don’t need to be defined by your past.

You have the right to be happy, and your angels have sent you angel number 107 to help you to get to that place of happiness once more.

This man worked on all of the aspects of happiness: he sought therapy for his mind, worked with me for his spirit and also started eating better while exercising more for his body.

Doing all of these things got him to a much healthier place. If he could do it, you certainly can too!

The Hidden Meaning Behind 107 Angel Number

So far, we have covered the main aspects of what you can expect from angel number 107, but there is a lesser known side of it that I want to cover before I conclude this guide.

When it comes to finding your happiness and purpose in life, you may not actually know exactly what you need in order to find it.

What I mean is that you may have a preconceived notion of what happiness means to you.

For example, my brother spent much of his youth absolutely obsessed with sports. Not just watching but playing as well.

It pretty much defined his whole life, and it was all that really gave him joy in his life. However, an injury in his late twenties pretty much forced him into early sports retirement.

He continued watching his favorite sports though, but even that started to lose its appeal for him in his mid thirties. However, he didn’t know what else to occupy his time with.

A friend of his needed a partner for a wood-working class though, and asked him if he would join.

My brother was initially hesitant to do so, as he assumed that he wouldn’t enjoy this non-sports related activity.

As you may imagine, he ended up loving it. Not only that, but it became quite a passion for him. He also discovered that he had quite a flair for it as well.

In the years since, he has had hours and hours of joy crafting the most beautiful chairs, tables and anything else you can think of. He got so good at it that he even sells his creations.

The point of this story is that you never know when you may discover a new passion in your life. Your angels want you to open your mind to different possibilities.

When you get an opportunity to try something new, don’t immediately dismiss this opportunity.

Try new things and keep an open mind, and you may be shocked to discover a new source of happiness!

While you work on creating a good environment for happiness by focusing on your mind, body and soul, keep on looking for new ways to be happy in your life.

Even if it’s something that seems odd at first, you may find that it’s just what you needed. Especially while this blessing is active, try to find new sources of joy.

It could be why your angels have sent you 107!

My Final Comments on 107 Angel Number

Your angels dearly want your happiness, and that is why they have sent you angel number 107. They want you to focus on building up the core parts of yourself that allow for happiness.

Working on your mind, body and spirit are so important for your happiness, and your angels want to help you to strengthen these. They also want you to believe that you deserve happiness.

Not only that, but they also want you to open your heart and mind to the possibility of new forms of happiness too. If you work with them on this, you can find so much more happiness in your life!

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