12 Angel Number and Its Meaning

See what this power number will do for your life…

Did you know that you, yes you, the person reading this, are amazingly capable of greatness? Do you want to know how I know this without even needing to meet you?

I know this because your angels have sent you angel number 12. This number is all about realizing the potential and greatness that you have within you.

Your angels want you to accomplish everything that you’re capable of. Perhaps you haven’t felt this capability in a while, and if that’s the case then your angels want to change that.

Together, we’re going to analyze this blessing for your life and see how you can use it to realize the amazing potential you have inside you, so let’s begin!

Is 12 A Sign Of Good Luck?

If you follow the message and the blessing of angle number 12, you can find that some amazing things happen in your life. It could almost seem like some sort of lucky charm has been cast for you!

This has led many people I know to deem 12 a lucky number, which is ironic in a way as it’s so close to 13, the famous ‘unlucky number.’

However, I don’t look at 12 to be a lucky number, (and for the record, I don’t look at 13 as an unlucky number. But that’s another story.)

Yes, 12 can mean big and positive changes for you and can represent a change in your fortune. Okay then, you may be thinking, doesn’t that mean it’s lucky?

The reason I wouldn’t say that it’s lucky is that everything that happens to you during this blessing is because of YOU.

There’s a psychosomatic effect that can occur when someone believes something to have certain power.

You see this a lot with placebos. You could give someone some sugar water telling them it’s an amazing new headache reliever and it could create such a psychological effect that it actually helps their headache.

There is a scene in one of the Harry Potter installments where a character thinks he’s been given a luck potion, and he goes on to accomplish some amazing things.

Afterward, it’s revealed that he never took the potion at all but just had the confidence to unlock his potential because he thought that he had.

I know this is just a scene from a book, but it’s actually similar to how 12’s blessing can affect you. That’s not to say there is trickery involved, but it’s about unlocking your own potential.

We tend to restrict ourselves a lot in life, and this is something that is almost entirely self imposed. It may be influenced by the ways people have treated us, but it’s still the individual who enforces it.

It’s like being locked in a jail cell where the key to the gate is around your neck. Your angels want you to unlock your potential and achieve everything they know you’re capable of.

That’s not luck, that’s just realizing what you were capable of all along!

It can’t happen without your skills and belief, and that’s why it’s not random lucky happenstance but the culmination of what you have within you.

Now, let’s see how you can do that as we move forward.

Your Angels Are Sending You A Message With 12

Many years ago when I was in my mid twenties, I went on a camp with a bunch of other people my age. Normally, I am a bit of an adventurous sort who likes to try different things.

However, I met my match at this camp and it came in the form of a zipline. There was this massive, beautiful gorge at this camp.

Below us were majestic pine trees covered in mist with gorgeous mountains looming in the distance. However, I wasn’t looking at these sights, but instead at the massive drop below.

One by one, my companions zoomed down the zipline, while I was discovering that I had a fear of heights. Do you know what’s interesting about this situation?

In the logical side of my brain, I knew I would be safe if I were to go down this zipline. I knew that the chances of the line snapping sending me to my doom were incredibly unlikely.

However, every synapse in my brain was telling me not to go on this zipline. I was creating a barrier for myself despite knowing deep down that I was capable of going down the zipline.

At first, I refused to do it and told the guide that I can’t go ahead with it. He tried to convince me that I could do it, but I wouldn’t or couldn’t believe it.

Luckily, my best friend in the group hadn’t gone yet and she placed a reassuring hand on me. In a gentle voice she said:

“I know you can do it Edel! Think of what you’ve been through the last few years, this is nothing compared to what you’ve overcome.”

Even through my fear, I knew that she was right. Her words of encouragement bolstered me and I was able to attach myself to that line and fly across the gorge.

The way my screams echoed through the land is not relevant, but what is relevant is that I overcame the obstacle that I had created for myself.

When you have barriers within yourself that you have created, only you can break them down. Others can help you, but you need to do the final steps.

You can do it, and your angels are encouraging you as my friend did in my moment of fear. So, don’t let fear hold you back!

Keep Seeing 12 Read This Carefully…

Do you ever feel like you never quite accomplished everything that you’re capable of? Whether you reading this are 18 or 95, it’s never too late to live up to your potential.

Now, one has to be realistic about this, of course. With my bad knees, I could never become a gymnast like I dreamed in my youth.

Those days are behind me, but that doesn’t mean my life is over. There is so much that you can accomplish that you’re preventing yourself from doing.

Your angels feel that you have unfulfilled potential within you, and that’s why they have sent angel number 12 your way. There are barriers inside yourself that have been created by you.

It’s time to break them down and live life the way that it’s mean to be lived! How do you do that, though? Your angels will be showing you how, but you can get started right now.

Try to think of all of the things you have ever wanted to accomplish in life. How many of those desires remain in your heart and your mind?

When you have some of them listed down, you can separate them into sections. Try to weed out the ones that would genuinely be impossible and focus on the ones that you can do, technically.

If you can’t figure out which ones are which, then for each goal you have, write down all of the obstacles in the way. So for me: Olympic Gymnast would have KNEES written next to it in red.

That’s something that I can’t fix. But next to: write a book, it would be much harder to think of actual reasons why I can’t do it.

Try to find the goals that you really have to think about in order to find some barriers to completing them. These are the ones that you are limiting yourself from completing.

Now, focus on believing in yourself and having confidence in your abilities. This way, you can free yourself from the mental shackles and limitations that you have placed on yourself.

Then, you can focus more on things as they are instead of how you’ve convinced yourself.

When the logical side of your brain presents no real obstacles, maybe that’s what you should listen to instead of creating phantom obstacles born from your insecurities.

Doing this simple thing can free you up to accomplish so many things you’ve given up on!

My Final Comments on 12 Angel Number

By sending you angel number 12, your angels have assured you that they believe in you and your abilities. Now that you know that they believe in you, it’s high time that you believe in yourself too!

Now that you have this belief, it’s time to be confident in your abilities. This frees you up to really try to achieve the things that you want in life with fewer limitations.

Your angels want this for you, and they want you to be on the same page they are on.

Make this change in your attitude and receive encouragement from your angels and loved ones and there is no stopping you!

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