214 Angel Number and Its Meaning

Get to know the power of this number in your life…

Whenever something happens to you in life, I think that it is important to learn a lesson from it. It’s especially important when it comes to bad things happening to you.

Whenever there is any kind of bad fortune or something doesn’t go your way, something should be learned from it and applied to your future.

Angel number 214 invites you to look at your past, present and future in order to come to terms with your life so far.

It’s time to let go of bad things from your past and apply positive messages to your future.

Your angels are here to help you, and I want to make it even easier by telling you what I know about this blessing.

Is 214 A Sign Of Good Luck?

Anyone familiar with my views on psychic matters will know that I typically reject ideas of luck when it comes to angel numbers. I’m not saying that luck is not a thing, though.

Sometimes, things really do happen out of nowhere despite your actions.

These things can sometimes unknowingly have to do with your angelic spiritual guidance, but it’s hard to say for sure without really analyzing the situation.

Some angel numbers can be viewed as being unlucky and some could be viewed as lucky. I wouldn’t personally view them as such, but some could be argued to have lucky or unlucky effects.

For instance, an angel number may say that something good is about to happen to you, and that could be seen as a positive, lucky number.

If an angel number is warning you of something potentially negative happening to you, then you may see it as unlucky.

I still wouldn’t label either scenario as such, but you could at least make an argument for luck in each case.

What does this mean for angel number 214 though? Is it a lucky or an unlucky number based on what I’ve said so far?

This is a number that you wouldn’t really be able to outright call lucky or not, even if you do believe in luck with angel numbers. Instead, I look at 214 as a number of reflection.

This number comes before a time when you need to take a step back and analyze your life. You may also need to do some reflection and contemplation about the events in your life so far.

I’ll go into more detail about what it all means as we move through the guide, but for now I would definitely say that looking at it in terms of being lucky or not is a bit reductive.

You’re being invited on a spiritual journey here, and the way this journey can progress can vary depending on your past.

If you have a lot of negativity to process in your past, then it may not be a fun process.

However, someone else may have a more positive experience dealing with these past experiences. I would look at the blessing as an opportunity and take the steps as they come without pre-judging.

With that covered, let’s next look at how you can interpret this message more specifically.

Your Angels Are Sending You A Message With 214

Now you know a bit more about the general feeling of this angel number, but I think it’s time that we look at it a bit more deeply. For each person on earth, there are three perspectives we each have.

You can look back on the past and everything that has happened to you. Then, you can look at your present situation and evaluate how that is going.

Finally, you can look to the future, and while you may not be able to accurately foretell it, you can get an idea of what it’s looking like based on the other two aspects we have looked at.

There needs to be a decent balance between these three aspects in order for you to follow your life’s path to the best of your ability.

Seeing angel number 214 is often a side that things have taken on poor balance.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of immersing yourself in one of these perspectives so that you can’t consider the others. Firstly, you can have people that live in the past.

When you live in the past, you let things that can’t be changed define your present and future. Some people are so defined by things they have done or had done to them that they can’t move on from it.

It can also be the case that people will look at something accomplished in their past as their peak that will never be topped, so they don’t even try to be better.

Then, you have people stuck in the present. Some people are so concerned by what’s happening in front of them that they reject the other perspectives of life.

They don’t learn from the past and they don’t try to grow and plan for the future. Finally, we have people that live in the future.

These people spend so much time dreaming about the future that they accidentally end up ensuring that they don’t accomplish it.

This is because you need a good balance between all three of these aspects.

When you have them in harmony with each other, you can prepare yourself for life in a more complete way. It’s also possible to have two of these aspects be dominant while one is neglected.

Now you know that it’s important to have that balance in your life, and we will now look at how you can actually apply this lesson to your life and make the most of it.

Keep Seeing 214? Read This Carefully…

How do you achieve balance between your past, present and future? Your angels are directing you to do this when they send you angel number 214, but applying it can be challenging.

Let’s look at each individual aspect and then see how you can apply each one. So first, we have your past.

The past is probably the most powerful and potentially debilitating of the three aspects. Something I struggle with is randomly remembering things I have said and done that I regret.

Theres something that happened in my college years that I sometimes think about and feel awful about.

One of my lecturers leant me some books she recommended and told me that they really meant a lot to her.

I promised I would get them back to her safely, but through a bunch of circumstances, I finished my studies without ever getting a chance to return them.

I was so caught up in what was happening I my life that I completely missed the chance to return them. Sometimes I will think about this and cringe, even though it happened years and years ago.

There’s nothing I can do to change or make up for it, so all I can do is make sure I never do anything like it again. Going forward, I’m very careful to return things that are leant to me.

It’s a very simple example, but you can really let yourself be ruled by past things. If you failed at something, then you may not even want to ever try again.

Accept your past for what it is, learn lessons from it and apply it to the future while releasing yourself from the guilt. As for the present, try to look at it in the context of the past and the future.

How did your past lead you to this point and what can you do to make a better future for yourself? You should focus on the past for reflection and lessons.

Then, focus on the present to see where you are and to ground yourself. Finally, plan for the future using what you learn from the past and what you can see in the present.

Don’t let any of these aspects overpower the others and try to find balance. Your angels are here to help you with this, so take some time to reflect and see how you can apply these lessons.

My Final Comments on 214 Angel Number

Creating balance between your past, present and future isn’t always easy, as it requires honesty, wisdom and guidance.

Angel number 214 invites you to receive guidance from your angels to get all of these aspects into focus. You can balance all of them in order to have more harmony, peace and prosperity in your life.

It’s a good time for you to take it slowly, relax and find peace within yourself.

That’s where you will find the guidance of your angels to be strongest, and you can apply it to all three of the aspects we discussed.

I’m sure that following the message of 214 will help you to find peace and prosperity going forward.

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