3131 Angel Number and Its Meaning

This powerful number signals big changes for you!

When you have a car or another expensive possession, you need to constantly maintain it and make sure that it’s kept in top shape so that it will run smoothly.

It’s funny how people will be happy to devote this care to a possession they own but they won’t be willing to do it for their own minds and bodies.

You need to care for yourself in the same way that you would a car, and that is why your angels have sent you angel number 3131.

They feel that you haven’t been caring for yourself in the best way and they want to change this.

You can use this blessing to put yourself in a stronger position for the future, and I want to show you how you can do it!

The Meaning Of 3131 When It Comes to Love

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I have issues with referring to a partner as your ‘better half’ or your ‘other half.’

In some ways, when you’re in a relationship you do lose some of your individuality.

You experience things you would do alone with someone else, even something as simple as watching a movie on a Friday night. Suddenly you can’t just watch Batman movies every weekend.

Instead, you need to figure out a movie that both people will enjoy, so someone else has to be taken into account. To a degree, I think that this is good.

The whole reason you enter a relationship is to have someone to go through life with, but I think it’s important to have individuality.

We all have our own passions and interests and a relationship doesn’t mean you have to ignore them.

My parents had the right idea about this when they would travel to places for a vacation. They would make sure that one day in the vacation was focused on my dad’s interests and one day for my mom.

So, one day they may go to an aircraft museum as that was a passion of my dad’s. On another day, they may go to a big cathedral or other amazing piece of architecture for my mom’s interest.

I see so many people that make their significant other give up one of their passions. Or, they allow it to happen to them.

A friend of mine allowed this to happen many years ago. He was an avid horror movie fan to the point that we would tease him about it in a good-natured way.

He watched scary movies all the time, had posters on his walls and even had masks of characters like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees on his shelves.

Despite his obsession, he was the sweetest guy you could hope to meet, but when he entered a relationship she made him not only get rid of his things but also stop watching the films he enjoyed.

A bit of compromise about the objects in a shared home is one thing, but making someone discard their passions entirely is so wrong.

When you see 3131, it could be a sign that you need to find your individuality in your relationship.

Being a unit composed of two people is okay, but be sure to take some time to remember you’re a unique person with your own passions too!

The True and Secret Influence Of 3131 Angel Number

So many people are ashamed of the things they like, and this can often be a societal thing. Now I’m not talking about things that harm others or are toxic, as those things should be criticized.

However, there are some things that are harmless that can be denigrated. I would again like to refer to my friend the horror fan.

There was a stigma about his hobby and tase in movies because they dealt with dark subject matter. His girlfriend felt that it was unhealthy to enjoy these dark and disturbing things.

As I mentioned though, he was such a nice and caring guy, and you would never guess his obsession unless you visited his house. You can’t always judge a book by its cover, after all.

People also assume that someone like Stephen King must be a messed up person mentally because he has a dark imagination. However, I feel that you’re not always defined by your interests.

Having a fascination with serial killers doesn’t mean you want to be one.

My friend told me that his horror obsession was because of a fascination with dark and taboo things in society and what makes them that way.

It was also a way to get to experience visceral emotions that we don’t normally get to experience without being in danger. Of course, moderation is important.

It is good to vary the things you enjoy and focusing on only dark and disturbing things can have an effect on you. But if it doesn’t hurt yourself or others, what business is it of anyone else’s?

People may not always understand your interests, but that doesn’t mean that they have the right to take it away from you. Angel number 3131 invites you to be more true to yourself.

If you have interests or passions outside of the norm, that’s okay. My friend’s girlfriend had the right to say she didn’t want killer hockey masks in her living room, but she shouldn’t have told my friend to get rid of his hobby entirely.

Compromise is good and okay, but you shouldn’t have to ditch things that make you who you are because others don’t approve.

Your angels feel so as well, and that’s why they have sent you this number!

In the final section, we will look at the ways that you can follow the message of this number.

Keep Seeing 3131? Read This Carefully…

Focusing on things that bring you happiness is not always as selfish as some people make it out to be. Of course, if you only ever focus on yourself and never on others, then it’s an issue.

But it’s okay to bring some focus to yourself as well. In the case of the friend I mentioned, there were many easy solutions to their problem.

If you’re in a relationship where one person has a hobby the other doesn’t, there are ways to deal with it. In fact, he would later have a healthier relationship with another person who treated him much better.

She also didn’t share his horror obsession, but they made a compromise. When they lived together, he was able to have a whole room dedicated to his collectibles and memorabilia.

She was also open to watching horror movies with him from time to time. However, there is responsibility to this as well.

She loved serious drama movies, and so he also watched these with her sometime despite it not being his passion. When you have a relationship like this, you share the differences you have.

You may even end up changing and growing your own interests. For example, his new girlfriend ended up loving the films of John Carpenter because he shared them with her.

Because of her, he ended up adding The Shawshank Redemption to his list of favorite movies.

It was something he never would have tried on his own, but because they shared their interests they allowed them to develop.

Angel number 3131 invites you to focus on the things you love while ignoring the judgment around you.

Again, as long as it hurts no one and you have some moderation in your life, don’t let people shame you out of the things you enjoy.

Your angels want you to be happy and they want you to be true to yourself. Take some time to focus on yourself and to explore the things you enjoy and make you happy.

It’s okay to do so, even if you’re in a long term relationship. When there are obstacles in the way of your passions, there are always compromises and ways to get around these obstacles.

Your angels want you to find ways to enjoy your passions and interests again!

My Final Comments on 3131 Angel Number

Life can be difficult sometimes, and we all need ways to find happiness and joy in life from time to time. We also have so many things that make us unique and special that should be nurtured.

Angel number 3131 has been sent to you because your angels want you to focus on your happiness and be true to yourself.

If others have made you feel like you can’t be true to yourself, then it’s time to remove these blocks.

Take some time to find the compromises and the time you need to focus on things that bring you real joy and happiness, as this is what your angels want for your spiritual happiness!

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