3838 Angel Number And Its Meaning

Find out why this number will be so significant…

When you get an abundance of money, possessions or good opportunities, a creeping worry can set in that you’re engaging in shallow pursuits.

Unless you’re a person who only cares about the number on your bank statement, you will likely feel guilty when treating yourself to anything. If you’re like me, you may wonder if you deserve good things that happen to you.

Angel number 3838 is a sign from your angels that some great things are coming to your life, and that it is okay to enjoy them.

Not only this, but your angels want to show you that sometimes earthly things can be good for your spirit and soul.

Your Angels Are Sending You A Message With 3838

Angel number 3838 is a largely positive number to receive in your life. Part of the number tells you that there will be some kind of tangible addition to your life soon.

This could be something like a promotion that will make you more financially secure, but it could be more specific. If you collect something, then maybe you’ll find the last piece you need for your collection soon.

That’s a specific example, but basically there will be some kind of improvement in your life soon. You may not see it coming and it may not be in the way that you expect, but it will be something good.

I once spoke to a client named Zara who had long admired her grandfather’s vintage car. Not long after seeing and interpreting this very angel number, something unexpected happened.

Her grandfather decided to give her the car out of the blue as he felt he was getting too old to drive it. She asked me if I thought she should accept such an amazing gift, and I felt she should.

See, the thing is that Zara didn’t like the car just because it was cool. The car represented the relationship she had with her grandfather, as they were very close.

It would remind her of Sunday drives to get ice cream and traveling to prowl the local thrift stores for fun antiques. Having the car would be a way that she could connect with him even when he passed.

She felt a bit guilty at first, as it’s a heck of a present to receive, but it’s okay to be blessed with physical things sometimes. The exception here is that it can also be tied to greed.

This is a very negative emotion that your angels will never be keen on. Having greed cloud your heart will also impact the energy and aura that surrounds you.

You should avoid going after things in a quest to have more, more, more. Abundance isn’t inherently a bad thing, but you should be aiming to have meaning in the things you participate in and acquire.

It’s best not to overthink it too much while this blessing is over your life, as it isn’t the main message of this number. If you keep your heart and spirit in the right place, then you can accept the abundance of life in a way your angels will smile on.

This is something I would like to elaborate on in the next section.

Never Do This If You Keep Seeing 3838

I can tend to overthink pretty much everything in my life. It can be a real problem, and it has been such a blessing to know that my angels are guiding me to a point where I can be better with it.

When something good happens to you, you should try not to think too hard about it, when you can. Angel number 3838 tells you that something wonderful is coming to your life soon, and that may make you anxious in a way.

Before it even happens, you may be paranoid about missing the blessing because you’re not paying enough attention or are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Your angels aren’t putting a blessing that will be over in a flash over your life. They aren’t challenging you to see if you can accept their blessing in the right way.

In fact, your angels will be doing everything they can to make sure that you do find the blessings they want for your life. You can rely on the intuition and feelings that they give you to guide you.

I would recommend that you avoid living your life in constant vigilance, waiting for the effect of this blessing. Live your life as you normally would, but make sure you’re working on yourself.

The blessing your angels see for your life will be good for your spiritual development, and it will be something meaningful. For example, if it has to do with money, then it won’t be to satiate your greed.

Instead, it could be so that you can live your life to a better standard or enjoy the things that make you happy in life. This is the biggest thing that your angels want for you: to be happy.

Even when an angel number is something more negative, your angels are never punishing you. Sometimes, a negative angel number can be a reminder that peaks and valleys are a part of life.

We need to accept that sometimes things won’t go our way, and that’s okay. So basically, I would bring it back to the original point about not overthinking.

When the blessing happens in your life, accept it with gratitude and joy. Above all, allow yourself to enjoy the blessing, as that is why your angels have placed it in your path!

Don’t worry about when or how it will happen or how long it will last in your life. This could ironically be a good way to miss out on the blessing entirely, as you’re so caught up in things you can’t control.

The Hidden Meaning Behind 3838 Angel Number

Each one of us has a field of energy around us, often called the aura. This energy that surrounds you can be impacted by so many things, and it is made stronger with positive energy.

The stronger your aura, the easier your angels will be able to communicate with and influence your life. Positive things like kindness and love will make your aura bright and strong.

When you’re under the influence of the blessing of 3838, your aura will be particularly strong and bright, if you take it in the right state of heart.

Your aura being bright and healthy has several benefits. As I mentioned, your angels will be able to communicate and influence your life more directly.

It will also be felt by the people around you, as they will notice that something seems different about you. People will be more receptive and open with you, and this can make good things happen in your life.

Part of the message of angel number 3838 is that you should do what you can to influence the positivity and brightness of the auras of others around you.

When things are going well for you, you should emphasize this blessing by being especially kind and gracious with those around you. Also, you should try to use the gifts you receive to bring light and joy to others.

The more you spread the light of your angel’s blessing, the more you will make your angels smile upon you. You should be doing this anyway, but this is a good time to up the ante when it comes to positive energy.

This is not a time for you to engage in anger, resentment and hatred. Negative emotions should be avoided whenever possible, but it’s so important now.

These negative emotions and attributes can dilute the blessing and make it harder to see the path your angels have for you. Once again, I don’t think you should overthink it too much.

As long as you focus on maintaining the positivity in your life and spreading joy to others, you will be in the right place for the blessing. You don’t have to do anything super specific or strange.

If you can get in the habit, it’s good to try and maintain this positivity long after the blessing has passed.

My Final Comments on 3838 Angel Number

Angel number 3838 tells you that something good is coming to your life. I hope that you will be able to accept this blessing with joy, happiness and serenity.

It will be there to make you more fulfilled and spiritually balanced, and this can be spread to other people. There is great potential for making yourself happier coming up, and there is also a chance to keep your spirit bright and happy.

I hope that you will go forth and enjoy this gift your angels have for your life, as they clearly think you deserve it and so do I!

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