4343 Angel Number And Its Meaning

This number is the start of a new chapter in life!

The saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is one that is only accurate some of the time. Some things that happen to you are bad for you with little room to get anything positive from it.

Many other tough or difficult situations can be good to make you stronger and more sure of yourself. This is the message of 4343, as it tells you that there will be a challenge ahead for you.

This challenge may test you, but your angels know that it is within your capabilities to persevere. Not only this, but they know that it will be something good for your personal development.

This all may seem intimidating, but I want to encourage you by showing you how you can tackle this message.

Is 4343 Angel Number Unlucky?

On the surface of it, this number may seem like something unlucky. After all, it tells you that there is a challenge coming, and that can be scary.

Most people are happy with things staying the same, as they are used to it and know this scenario. Some people that I know have seen this number do think that they’re unlucky when they find out the meaning.

I try to discourage this attitude, as I think that it is the wrong way to look at this kind of message. Dismissing something as bad luck is just that: a dismissal.

Thinking this way can cause you to shrug your shoulders and accept that something bad is going to happen. Instead, you should look at it as an opportunity to grow.

The word I used for what is ahead was challenge, not tragedy. It doesn’t mean that something terrible is going to happen to you, but the incident may be something not easy to handle.

I remember when I was younger, my uncle worked in the newspaper business for a small, local paper. He had a nice comfortable life, but he was offered a big promotion in a bigger city.

It was a huge decision, and even though it opened up some amazing opportunities, he was worried about how much his life would change. He did end up taking the position, and was glad he did in the end.

Was it always easy for him? Absolutely not, and he will tell you how hard it was for the first couple of months, and he was constantly asking himself what he had gotten himself into.

He stayed strong, persevered and found that with each passing day, it got easier. Eventually, it turned out to be the best decision he had ever made.

My uncle could have quit at any time and gone back to his old life, but he stuck with it. What may have seemed like bad luck while he was suffering ended up being a blessing.

That’s the attitude to have with this number. Instead of looking at it as bad luck, instead look at it as a challenge that you can and will get through.

At the end of it, I’m sure you will be glad that you didn’t back out of the challenge!

What NOT To Do If You Keep Seeing 4343

When you see angel number 4343, you can easily have the wrong attitude about it. First, you could react in the way I just spoke about, looking at this as a bad luck punishment.

You might even ask things like why me? What did I do to deserve this?

As much as it may feel like it, you’re not being punished when it comes to the challenges that your angels have seen for you. They won’t want you in a situation that you genuinely can’t handle.

Like I said at the beginning, the phrase what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is not always accurate. So, try to avoid looking at it as a punishment and instead look at it as an opportunity.

You should also do your best to avoid giving up when it gets hard. This can be the hardest part, but you need to try and hold on a bit longer.

If my uncle had quit when it got hard, he would have gotten his old life back but would have lost out on a life-changing opportunity. He could have even let his fear prevent him from taking the new position in the first place!

When you go for something new in your life, it will be scary. Even if you know that it is something positive, it’s still unknown.

You should also avoid downplaying your capabilities. Often when you’re scared of taking up a challenge, you can justify declining it by saying you don’t have the skills to get through it.

To use my uncle as an example one last time, I remember one of his fears was that he was not cut out for a managerial position. He felt he wasn’t assertive or capable enough in his nature to take it on.

However, while he did struggle with those aspects to begin with, he soon found capabilities within himself that he didn’t know that he had.

Basically, I would like you to keep trying and not give up when things get challenging. If you genuinely find that you can’t handle something, that’s a different story.

But if you’re being pushed to fulfill your capabilities, keep trying, keep fighting and don’t give up. There are few things as satisfying as accomplishing something that felt impossible at first!

Your angels believe in your abilities, and the main thing they want is for you to share that belief in yourself.

They also want you to have faith in them, as they will not influence you into a situation that you can’t take!

Where To Look For Your Numbers

When people first find their angel numbers, it’s often completely by chance. Even people who follow spirituality quite closely may be unfamiliar with angel numbers.

I can’t count the number of times people have said to me something like:

“I’m sure it’s nothing, but I have seen this number everywhere. Does it mean something?”

I will then explain that this is likely an angel number with a message attached to it. Finding your first angel number is exciting and even a bit intoxicating.

Once someone knows that it is possible, they will be eager to find a new one. Even if the first one was found by chance, they will eagerly ask me where and when they can expect to find their next angel number.

The thing is that you should not expect to find an angel number. Much like that first one, you will find that they appear when you least expect it.

Even the people who had no idea of what an angel number was felt significance when their numbers crossed their path. That’s the feeling you should be looking out for.

I always say that your numbers should be felt instead of seen. The problem is that many people will ignore these feelings.

Many people don’t know someone like me who can help them to know the significance of the numbers. They may feel something weird when they see 4343 but then shrug it off.

It’s a fair reaction if you don’t know of the significance, but now you know better. If you see any numbers that give you a weird feeling for no reason, then there is a good chance you are seeing an angel number.

It’s rare that an angel number will appear just once, so you should keep an eye out in the near future for future appearances of this number.

If you see it more than once, then you can do the work to figure out what it means. You should keep the idea of finding an angel number in your mind, but don’t become fixated on it.

There’s no telling when or if you will be presented with more angel numbers, so I would advise against becoming obsessed with it.

They will appear when they appear, and you need to make sure that you know how to see them when they do!

My Final Comments on 4343 Angel Number

Not everyone is happy to have angel number 4343 in their life, as it means a potentially difficult challenge is coming up in your life.

Just remember that you have so much strength and capability within yourself.

This is what your angels see in you as well, so you need to trust in them and yourself. Make sure that you don’t avoid new challenges, and try not to quit when it gets hard.

If you can persevere through hard challenges in your life, you will be so glad that you pushed yourself through to enjoy the benefits of overcoming a tough challenge!

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