The Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

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The Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

Seated on his trusted steed, the Knight of Pentacles displays the reward of his battles: a large coin bearing a star-shaped engraving.

A symbol of endurance and success, this card tells you to focus on what you do best. A reversed Knight of Pentacles, however, may be a call for you to bring balance to your career, either by taking a more disciplined, structured approach, or by challenging your conception of what must be done in order to be successful.

  • Element: Earth
  • Planets: Mercury, Venus
  • Astrological signs: Leo, Virgo
  • Key dates: August 12 to September 11, April 11 to May 10

Visual Elements and Symbolism

The Knight of Pentacles sits upon a heavy plough horse in a field, his eyes concentrated on a single golden coin engraved with a five-pointed star, which symbolizes magic, the five elements, and the manifestation of divinity.

The sky is yellow, suggesting late winter or early spring. Behind the Knight of Pentacles lie fields of plowed land, emphasizing the Knight’s connection to the Earth. The horse trods the path forward. It’s a long road, but the destination is familiar.

The Knight is busy, engaged in routine and exerting constant effort to sustain his dream. The coin he holds symbolizes the wage he earns. Like Knights of other suits, he represents the next level for the Page, and all the responsibilities that comes with it.

The Knight of Pentacles Card as a Person

Knights of the tarot are ambitious and productive, and the Knight of Pentacles is no exception. However, people represented by this card tend to move a little slower than most — Knights of Pentacles are patient and always think before they act, knowing what they want and how to get it.

Knights of Pentacles also manages their money wisely, even if they don’t earn a lot of it. Their word is reliable. When they make a commitment they follow through on it. This person can be at an early stage of their career, or still pursuing their education. Either way, they are going to be successful.

knight of pentacles, kelly vulfolaic
Knight of Pentacles — Kelly Vulfolaic


The Knight of Pentacles Upright: Positive Meanings

The Knight of Pentacles upright symbolizes efficiency, persistence, and diligence. He pursues his goals at all costs. He might not be original, but he is incredibly hard working and devoted. He’s figured out what works for him and does it, over and over again.

As such, the Knight of Pentacles reminds you to establish a routine and follow it, from beginning to end. Take stock of what’s working and repeat it.

Love and Relationships

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. The Knight of Pentacles represents the repetitive parts of day-to-day life that are often necessary to becoming a success. Stick with what you’re doing and you will get what you want.

On the other hand, the Knight can become stubborn and stuck in his ways. If things aren’t going the way they should, it may be time for you to change your mind and take a new approach, whether you’re in a relationship or looking for one. Making the same mistakes over and over — and expecting different results — is the definition of insanity. Avoid it.


You’re reliable and able to support yourself and those around you. Sometimes it’s better for you to be your own boss. You are driven, and can’t wait to achieve what you set out to accomplish. Don’t lower your standards for anyone, least of all yourself.

However, perfectionism could be your downfall. Pragmatism is the key. If you stay grounded and remember your roots you will be rewarded for your efforts.


Pulling the Knight of Pentacles in a money reading is always a good sign. You’re on your way to reaching your financial goals so long as you continue doing what you’ve been doing right so far. Even though you go out of your way to save money, you still appreciate the finer things in life.


The Knight of Pentacles upright bodes well for your health. If you’ve been sick and are recovering, he will reinvigorate you, giving you a new sense of purpose. Again, routine is important. Getting proper exercise and enough rest every day are key to healing or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


The Knight of Pentacles Reversed: Negative Meanings

The Knight of Pentacles reversed is out of balance, either unreliable and uncommitted or a workaholic dominated by fears about his power and influence. He can get caught in a rut and become inflexible, obsessed, or even aimless and afraid of responsibility. He is often between 20 and 35 years of age.

He can also be lazy and directionless, fascinated by the virtual world or addicted to substances, gambling or other risky behaviors. He can be prejudiced and closed to new ideas while keeping a negative mindset.

The reversed Knight of Pentacles is a warning for you to regain your focus on your goals and take concrete action towards attaining them. Otherwise you risk letting it all slip away.

Love and Relationships

This is not a good card to find in a love reading. If you’re in a relationship, pulling this card reversed may be a sign of instability stemming from a lack of commitment, or that things might have become a little too comfortable between you.

If representing a person, he or she may be disloyal or unwilling to settle down. They may even be using you to advance their own interests. Beware.


A reversed Knight of Pentacles represents a lack of will to accomplish your goals. It can point to weakness in your discipline or unnecessary risks that you’ve taken.

On the other end of the spectrum, this card can also be a call to evaluate whether you’re taking your career too seriously and, by extension, hurting other parts of your life. Look for balance and don’t forget to surround yourself with people you love. Don’t take things so seriously all the time.


Taking too many risks will catch up with you. If you go all-in too many times you’ll eventually wind up with nothing. Your impatience may ultimately cost you — changing your mind too often will prevent you from following through on your goals in any meaningful way. Pay attention to your losses and stop making unforced errors.


Again, the reversed Knight of Pentacles indicates an imbalance of extremes. You could be obsessed with your looks, spending more than you can afford and wasting effort creating an image of yourself as healthy. Conversely, you could be knowingly ignoring your health, not giving diet or exercise enough thought.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Take small steps that add up on a daily basis and challenge yourself to do more. Hold yourself accountable when you do. It can be something as simple as incorporating walking into your daily routine or riding your bicycle to the corner store instead of driving.

If you are of the overactive variety, take a day and allow yourself to just relax.

knight of pentacles, eugene smith
Knight of Pentacles — Eugene Smith


Your Past, Present, and Future

In the past position the Knight of Pentacles speaks to a comfortable, stable upbringing. This can refer to the more recent past for people who have settled into some security after having experienced lots of instability and worries when they were younger. You have a promising future ahead of you. You always give your best.

You may be comfortable with the King of Pentacles in the present position, but it may not be what you need. Idle hands are the devil’s plaything. Do you appreciate what you have right now? You may be distracted by the promise of something that could never materialize.

The future is the best position for the Knight of Pentacles. Help is on the way. A wealthy benefactor will give you the means to resolve the financial uncertainty in your life and the effects will be long lasting. It’s all blue sky from here. Follow your routines to produce the best possible results. Through patience and sustained concentration, you can achieve the heights of your loftiest ambitions.

Important Card Combinations

The Knight of Pentacles is your shield, protecting you from the bad energy that can be present in other cards, especially ones within the same suit.

Together with the Five of Pentacles, it means your money problems probably won’t lead to the worst case scenarios that you are imagining. With the Two of Pentacles, it means that someone will keep you from having to suffer the consequences of waiting too long before making a decision.

The Knight of Pentacles also goes along well with most court cards.

Knight of Pentacles and High Priestess

Combined with the the High Priestess, the Knight of Pentacles calls on you to be patient and follow through on your intuition even when your fear begins to get the best of you. Accept the risks that you take and have no regrets, regardless of what the outcome is.

Knight of Pentacles and Justice

If you’re involved in court proceedings and waiting for an answer, consider it a good sign when the Knight of Pentacles is combined with Justice. There’s a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow.

Knight of Pentacles and Fool

The best match for the Knight of Pentacles is the Fool. Combined with the Knight’s resolve and determination, the Fool adds elements of faith through the improvisation of a new beginning. The support you receive will leave you in a stronger position.

Knight of Pentacles: Yes or No Questions

The Knight of Pentacles is a yes for most questions related to your career. This card brings positive things to those who never quit and keep the faith. You can count on the Knight of Pentacles.

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