The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

page of pentacles, rider-waite

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The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

The Page of Pentacles signifies that you will soon reach an important turning point, and that your newfound state of consiciousness will allow you align your goals with your core values. This is especially good news for your career or finances.

  • Element: Earth
  • Planets: Venus, Mercury, Saturn
  • Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Key dates: Winter

Visual Elements and Symbolism

The Page of Pentacles stands in a vast flowery landscape, holding a coin. He is wearing a large, distinctive hat, which is connected to a long red scarf — the color of energy, passion and action.

His surroundings are calm and bright. In the distant background we see trees and the silhouette of a mountain peak. The young man’s attention is fixed on the coin, shimmering gold and engraved with the symbol of the Pentacle.

It’s as if this was the moment he realized the value of the coin, and even his own value. The Page of Pentacles symbolizes the realization of one’s potential and the value of material security.

The Page of Pentacles Card as a Person

The Page of Pentacles represents a person who is down-to-earth, responsible, and hardworking. Although they may lack experience, they show vast potential and burgeoning maturity.

When the Page of Pentacles has a job or a project to do, they fully commit themselves to it and think through all of their decisions many times before acting.

Page of Pentacles people are at the start of their personal journey, and have big dreams about where they want to go. They will follow through.

Page of Pentacles
Page of Pentacles — Andrea Leite Marques


The Page of Pentacles Upright: Positive Meanings

The upright Page of Pentacles represents the entheusiasm that accompanies new beginnings. Even the most ambitious dreams are pursued with unbridled optimism.

As such, this is generally a good card to find in a spread. Remember, the Page of Pentacles is still finding his way in the world — this card also serves as a reminder to keep your chin up and your feet on the ground.

Love and Relationships

If you’re single the Page of Pentacles represents a suitor who will capture your attention. You’ll want to know everything about this exciting, mysterious person. Could this be love? Don’t forget to stay grounded and realistic while you enjoy it.

For couples, this could be the start of a new cycle after a difficult period. Get to know each other again. As you reexamine yourselves and your relationship, you will get a better sense of where you stand in relation to one another. A short getaway — a second honeymoon, perhaps — might be just what you need.


This is a very good card to have in a career reading. A new path is starting to form for you, whether that means a promotion, a new business venture or a change in careers altogether. Embrace your inspiration, however it may come to you, and listen to the universe.

If you are presented with an opportunity that will require change, don’t hesitate to seize it.


If you’ve been having financial problems, this card is a good sign: your hard work will finally begin to pay off. Don’t start taking big risks now, though — slow and steady wins the race, so stick to what you know and do best.


In a health reading, the Page of Pentacles symbolizes youthful energy and well-being. A pregnancy or birth may be forthcoming. Being mindful of your diet and cultivating healthy lifestyle habits will help you to feel your best. Small choices will add up and make a big difference.


The Page of Pentacles Reversed: Negative Meanings

The Page of Pentacles is the card of dreams and ambition. When it’s in the reversed position it speaks to progress being halted and a lack of focus.

The reversed Page of Pentacles is distracted, immature, and insecure. It’s time to regroup and remind yourself of your true life goals.

Love and Relationships

When the Page of Pentacles is reversed, it calls your attention to mistakes you’ve made in previous relationships. Don’t make them again. Remind yourself of how far you have come — expect the best, and give your best in return.

If you are already in a committed relationship, this card reminds you of someone you’ve recently met who caught your interest.


This is not a good sign for your career. You may soon be receiving bad news about a promotion, job interview, or a raise you were expecting. It may also refer to the feeling of being overwhelmed at your job.

If this is the case, don’t isolate yourself. Reach out to a mentor who has first-hand experience of what you’re dealing with. They will provide advice and help you get through it.


You may be experiencing a period of financial instability, making it difficult to meet your obligations and provide for the people who depend on you. You’ll need to set a budget and follow it.

Be responsible — now is not the time to gamble or incur unnecessary expenses. Be thankful for what you have, even if it’s not the most up to date or fanciest.


The reversed Page of Pentacles can be a bad sign for your health. If you’ve been having problems, don’t hesitate any longer: seek out medical advice and find the root causes of your illness. Spending time outdoors can also help you regain lost energy and focus.

Page of Coins
Page of Coins — Kelsey Showalter


Your Past, Present, and Future

In the past position the Page of Pentacles is a very good card to find in a spread. You’re leaving behind a period of instability or immaturity and moving forward into a new period of growth. You understand money and how to use it intelligently. You may have just advanced at work or among your social group. Finish what you’ve started, even if it was begun during a brief moment of inspiration.

In the present position this card indicates that you’re coming to grips with how the world works. This is a good card to receive, but you’ll need to reorient yourself and adapt or you could suffer as a result. You know what you need to do. As you respond to all the challenges you face, you’ll be in control of yourself and will weigh your options carefully.

In the future position, the Page of Pentacles can be a frustrating but rewarding card to face. You are beginning to wake up to your potential — pragmatism is key to you moving forward. Accept life on its own terms. This card also means that you will find the help that you need, right at the time when you need it most. Everything you are going through now will serve you when the time is right.

Important Card Combinations

The Page of Pentacles combines with other court cards in the suit of Pentacles, namely the King, Queen, and Knight, to emphasize themes of pragmatism, money, and material things:

Page of Pentacles and Pages in Other Suits

The Page of Pentacles combines with Pages from other suits to emphasize the idealism of youth over materialism. When paired with the Page of Wands, it implies that a new artistic and creative passion may emerge. The Page of Swords to tell you to go for it and seize the moment. Together with the Page of Cups, it means your intuitions are right.

Page of Pentacles and Chariot

Combined with the Chariot, the Page of Pentacles speaks to a final victory. This will take negotiation to overcome conflict, but ultimately you’ll get what you’re looking for. In relationships, reexamine whether he or she will be immature and unstable, or is about to realize their potential and profit from it.

Page of Pentacles and Strength

The Page of Pentacles goes well with the Strength card, emphasizing your endurance and capacity to overcome obstacles. Ultimately, you will be victorious.

Page of Pentacles: Yes or No Questions

The Page of Pentacles is independent and a go-getter. This could indicate a new opportunity in your personal or professional life. The general mood is positive and the answer is yes.

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