The Ten of Cups Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

The Ten of Cups Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money

The final numbered card in the Cups suit, the Ten of Cups is one of the most uplifting tarot cards you can receive. It represents total emotional fulfillment in not only your professional endeavors, but with all of the most important people in your life; first and foremost among them, your spouse and extended family.

  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Mars
  • Astrology: Pisces
  • Key dates: March 11 to March 20
ten of cups, rider-waite

unity and love

Visual Elements and Symbolism

In the Rider-Waite deck the Ten of Cups depicts a happy family: a man, his wife, and their two children merrily dancing underneath a rainbow of ten cups, the rainbow being symbolic of peace and good fortune and the joyous children of playfulness and creativity.

The river beside them is a metaphor for the infinite flow of love, while the deep green of the trees and field symbolize fertility. Both parents are depicted with their arms stretched toward the sky, expressing gratitude for their idyllic family and charmed lives in general.

Unlike other cards in the Cups suit, the happiness represented by Ten of Cups is less on an individual level and more of a communal nature.

The Ten of Cups as a Person

The Ten of Cups speaks of someone who is profoundly spiritual and good-natured. However, they can also be perfectionists to the point where it becomes problematic for others around them.

Hard-working, likable and industrious, people represented by the Ten of Cups tend to be very successful. They are also constantly striving to keep it that way, which by nature represents a threat to the inner peace they so cherish. They go out of their way to avoid negative people and situations — particularly when they involve conflict. This mindset can see Ten of Cups people living self-imposed, somewhat sheltered lives.

Ironically, this in itself threatens their inner harmony: their intense desire to avoid conflict can work against them, as they may compromise their own positions and best interests rather than fight something out. This ultimately leads to frustration and a hostility that has nowhere else to go but inward, which of course is anathema to the inner balance that so defines them.

ten of cups illustration
Ten of Cups — Kelsey Showalter


The Ten of Cups Upright

The Ten of Cups is all about emotions, happiness and being positive. It speaks of a joyous family life and a healthy alignment with your true nature.

The happiness and positivity you possess isn’t restricted to you alone, however, but rather extends to everyone you love or feel strongly about: old friends, your parents, siblings, offspring — your own personal spiritual fulfillment is contagious. If you’ve been separated from a loved one or loved ones, you can be confident that reunification is imminent.

If you’ve lacked stimulation lately or feel your creativity has been stifled, rest assured it will be returning to you shortly. When the Ten of Cups appears in a spread it typically indicates engaging in fun, creative activities again.

In short, this card is representative of perfection and high achievement. Everything you’ve been working for is about to be realized. You will be well-rewarded for your efforts, lending to your overall feeling of contentment.

Love and Relationships

The Ten of Cups is a good omen for those already in healthy, long-term relationships, portending the romance will continue indefinitely.

While you may not have fully realized it yet, you will soon come to recognize that your current partner is the true love of your life, your soulmate. Should you have any concerns about your relationship in general, stop worrying: your partner loves you every bit as intensely as you love them, you will not be separating now or anytime in the future.

The Ten of Cups is an equally great card to find in your spread if you’re single, indicating that your next relationship will have all the potential to be serious and long-term, likely resulting in marriage.


The Ten of Cups is a fantastic card to find in a career reading, denoting you’re an invaluable member of your team and a major asset to your company. This because of your hard work, loyalty, and dedication.

While you are anything but lazy, it’s important that you continue working hard and not succumb to the ever-present temptation of resting on your laurels. If you do, chances are that you will fall out of favor with your employer, largely because of how reliant they’ve become on your hard work over the years. Fair or not.


The Ten of Cups is a very encouraging card to find in a money reading. If you’ve been struggling financially, it is telling you that this period is coming to an end. Not only will you no longer be broke, but prosperous times lie ahead.

Don’t take this to mean you’re about to win millions of dollars from the state lottery, but you will be comfortable financially and secure in the knowledge that you have a little nest egg tucked away in the bank should money ever become an issue again.


If you have been suffering health issues, rest assured that your condition is improving and will only continue to improve moving forward.

Similarly, if you’ve been in good health you can expect this to continue for the foreseeable future. This is a good time to join the gym or start a new diet with a few close friends or family members. You’ll find you have an easier time meeting your objectives by knowing that you’re part of a team of other people just like you.


The Ten of Cups Reversed

Finding the Ten of Cups reversed in a general reading isn’t a great omen, as it indicates serious problems are afoot in your family, to the point where a breakdown appears imminent.

This dysfunction is likely to affect almost everything in your life. At the same time, the Ten of Cups in a reversed position can also portend other, far less serious family problems than actual emotional or physical abuse. For example, it can also signify homesickness or feeling isolated from loved ones.

On a more positive note, take solace in the knowledge that a happy, positive future is still available to you. However, you will need to step back and take a good, hard, honest appraisal of your life in order to find the path that will lead you there.

Love and Relationships

The Ten of Cups card reversed isn’t an ideal card to find in a love reading. If you’re single, much of the reason for your being alone is because you’re holding potential romantic partners to impossibly high standards. You might also be experiencing emotional damage from a previous relationship, yet you are still holding on to the negative patterns and beliefs that caused that relationship to turn sour in the first place. You will need to overcome this in order to find a suitable partner.

If you’re already in a relationship you could be questioning it unfairly, demanding that your partner be practically flawless. Accept that they’re human, just as you are, and that nobody is going to be perfect. Basically, regardless of your present relationship status, you need to lighten up and take a closer look at your own flaws. Once you are able to do this, your love life will dramatically improve.


In a career reading, the Ten of Cups reversed suggests that while you may feel a distinct lack of satisfaction from your work, your efforts are much appreciated by your immediate superiors. Deep down, you’re fully aware that your current vocation could be far worse.

If you’re currently seeking employment, continue as you’ve been doing and make a point of being as upbeat and positive as you can possibly be when presenting yourself to potential employers. This will help you to stand out from all the other applicants and dramatically improve your chances of landing a great job.

This card is closely associated with careers in social work and working with families in general, be that in the capacity of a divorce lawyer, family doctor, marriage counselor, or any number of similar occupations.


The Ten of Cups reversed indicates you have no real money issues to be concerned about right now, and that you will remain financially secure for the foreseeable future.

Try not to complain about the material things you don’t or can’t have, but rather take a moment to appreciate the financial wealth that you do have. Your situation could always be worse.


Don’t push yourself too hard. Drawing the reversed Ten of Cups in a health reading indicates that there’s a lack of harmony within your body, so be sure to start eating a balanced diet and stop thinking you’re invincible health-wise.

Everybody ages, and so do you, so stop holding yourself up to an impossible standard and just take care of yourself. Further, if you’ve been trying to conceive in recent months but have failed to become pregnant, the Ten of Cups reversed indicates you could have a fertility problem that needs to be addressed.

Ten of Cups — Piedmontese Deck


Your Past, Present, and Future

In the past position, the Ten of Cups represents your innate confidence and the integrity you have displayed your entire life. These qualities have served you well and propelled you forward.

It the present position it suggests that an exciting new project is taking shape for you. You will develop new, life-long friendships as a result of this endeavor.

In the future position, the Ten of Cups represents a property that you own or will soon be involved with. This could be as simple as the Airbnb listing for your extra bedroom being booked solid for the next several months, or as grand as inheriting a large investment property. Time will tell.

Important Card Combinations

The Ten of Cups is all about emotion to begin with. When it appears in a reading alongside any other Minor Arcana Card numbered 10, the emotional sentiment of the card is greatly amplified. Here are a few more combinations to look out for.

Ten of Cups and Three of Pentacles

The Three of Cups and Three of Pentacles combined indicate that the foundations of a deep, life-long friendship are being laid.

Ten of Cups and Chariot

In a sporting context this combination indicates that a major, important victory is imminent. Read more about the Chariot card here.

Ten of Cups and Six of Cups

You are forging into a new endeavor with innocence and childlike wonder. The Six of Cups also suggests that past efforts will soon start to pay off.

Ten of Cups and Hermit

This pairing with the Hermit card represents the realization that you’ve created something truly worthy and unique, such a new song, poem, work of art, or any creation for that matter, regardless of it being considered art or not.

The only complication, however, is that you’ve always had difficulty when it comes to selling yourself to others. As a result, you’re masterpiece may never be seen, heard, or enjoyed by anyone other than yourself.

The Ten of Cups and Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles represents financial security and the importance of being generous to others. When these two cards are combined it signifies that tremendous creative talent is being utilized to advance your standing in life.

Ten of Cups: Yes or No?

The Ten of Cups means yes, yes, yes — particularly for any questions that have to do with love or family.

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